Jobs Report Exceeded Expectations -Hospitality #1!

For the second month in a row, the released a jobs report that exceeded expectations. The new July report, showed a total of 75,000 more jobs than economists were expecting (255,000 vs. 180,000 expected). It further showed that the Hospitality Industry was the leading industry for hiring. Here are three things to know from today's report: 1. What do today's numbers mean looking at the big economic picture? Here are some reactions from leading news outlets: According to The Wall Street Journal: The U.S. labor market in July capped off the best two-month stretch of hiring so far this year,…

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When is the Right Time to Quit your Job?

Be honest with yourself: How many times during your career have you daydreamed about calling a companywide meeting, standing up in front of your colleagues, and recreating this iconic scene? Jumping ship from your current job may seem like a tantalizing prospect, especially if you're one of the millions of employees feeling burned out, disrespected, or stagnant at your place of employment. Research indicates an overwhelming discontentedness among workers--a recent poll found just 13 percent of employees are engaged at their job. But happiness can also be cyclical, rising and falling in response to a recent promotion, a popular co-worker's…

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Job Interviewing – It can be difficult to NOT take rejection personally.

It can be difficult to NOT take rejection personally. When you first embark on your job search journey, you are filled with anticipation, enthusiasm and high expectations. If your job search efforts continue over a long period of time, you have may have already experienced rejection, objections and frustration. Many job seekers feel that their resume just gets lost in some deep dark hole never to be read or noticed. This is especially true, when you spend most of your time answering job boards or jobs that are posted on various websites. This is where you will encounter the highest…

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We Help People Find Jobs!

With the help of Rick Macdonald with Patrice and Associates I am about to embark on a new and exciting career in the restaurant/hospitality industry. The entire recruitment process has been fantastic in so many ways. It started with great communication, commitment, and determination from Rick and it continues to prove beneficial as I have referred numerous colleagues to Rick for his expertise. If you are looking for a recruiter that will put in the necessary effort that breeds a successful outcome for your future, look to Rick Macdonald and Patrice and Associates!"  

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14 Tricks for a Job Interview

You've spent hours writing your cover letter, days perfecting your résumé, and weeks preparing for the interview. But all that hard work can easily go down the drain in just seconds. "How you conduct yourself in the first few minutes – or even seconds — can have a profound impact on your ultimate prospects, because this initial introduction is so pivotal," says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job." Career experts say it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether…

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Tony Searing – New Franchisee in Upstate New York

Tony was an engineer and worked for General Motors for many years.  He has the reputation as a "turn around" expert.  He enjoys making a difference in peoples lives.  He is on the board of Handicapped International.  He was looking for something more flexible where he could combine a lifestyle and business. As a franchisee with Patrice & Associates he can change people's lives.  We impact the entire family of a restaurant manager by find them a better quality of life, or better benefits, or better career opportunity.  Our Missing Statement is 100% in line with Tony's beliefs.

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Academy 37 – Our Largest Class of Franchisees Ever!

Academy 37 is our largest class of franchisees ever! Patrice & Associates franchise is a low overhead, professional, no inventory business with built in clients to work from Day One. We’re looking for more top notch franchisee who want to build a business and not just buy a job. Our outstanding reputation for quality and ethics attracts high level people to join our franchise organization helping hospitality managers find jobs.

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You don’t want to waste your time or the time of the hiring authorities, if their company is not going to pay you what you’re worth. You need to understand how employers set their salary levels and then adjust your job search. If a higher salary is not within a company’s budget, they are not in a position to offer you more money. Companies normally don’t bring in a new employee who had a higher level than the person leaving the job, unless they are enhancing the level of responsibilities. It is wise to understand: Average compensation being paid by…

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If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there It’s no coincidence that many Olympic Gold Medal Winners saw themselves wearing a gold medal around their neck, years before they competed It’s no coincidence that Michael Jordan himself as a great basketball player even after he was told by his coach that he was not good enough to play high school basketball. It's surprising that Walt Disney went bankrupt 7 times and was fired from a job for not having enough creativity. Anything you really wanted in life, you have achieved. When you know what you want,…

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Patrice & Associates’ Nashville Office Achieves National Recognition

Patrice & Associates’ Nashville Office Achieves National Recognition The Nation’s Leading Restaurant and Hospitality Industry Staffing Company Presents Local Recruiter with the “Highest Placement Runner-Up Award” NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Patrice & Associates, the nation’s largest hospitality recruiting firm, brought franchise partners and corporate leadership together for its annual convention and awards ceremony. The three-day event was held recently in Baltimore, Maryland. During the event, Kathy Borum, a recruiter with Patrice & Associates’ Nashville office, was presented with the 2015 “Highest Placement Runner-Up Award.” “Our team is incredibly proud of Kathy,” said Courtney Vanderveer, regional developer with Patrice & Associates and…

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Hello my name is Ladidrea Richmond I was recruited by Mike Buterbaugh Jan.30,2019. Mike wasn’t my first recruiter I had two prior to him, each recruiter sent me on one job interview.  I didn’t get the jobs and they told me that there wasn’t anything else that they could do for me but Mike was different from the first time we talked I felt that he wanted me to have a great job. He was full of energy and excitement. Mike talked to me as though we were friends for years he help me reconstruct my resume and gave me great pointers for my interviews, he always coached me before an interview and was interested in what happened afterward. Although I didn’t get the  jobs Mike sent me on, he stayed in contact with me, he encouraged me not to give up and that he wasn’t going to leave me until he got me a great job. He believed in me when I started to doubt myself, he encouraged me to keep my head up and to reach for the stars and he always reassured me that he would be there for me. Mike emailed me mid March with a job opening for Fuddruckers in Schaumburg I was kind of reluctant but Mike told me to go on the interview and do what I always do and things will work out, well again with Mike’s great encouragement I went on the interview and l got the job I start my first day of training tomorrow. I am forever grateful for Mike’s integrity his honesty his perseverance and his commitment to his clients I will never forget the relationship that we built and I’ll take everything he taught me into my new career. Thanks Mike for being such an awesome person. I will always remember you. "He believed in me when I started to doubt myself"
  • Patrice & Associates Recruitment Specialists Coach With Care!

    To all who are looking for a change in their career, not just looking for a “job,” but for a life altering experience, I highly recommend working with Jeannie Boland from Patrice & Associates Recruiting Specialists.  I went in one person and came out the other side a totally different professional with the job of a lifetime.

    Jeannie’s time, care, encouragement and enthusiasm helped me from A to Z through the entire process.  From analyzing my past career, resume building and then matching me to employers, she was with me in my corner all the way.

    Jeannie is by far the most amazing recruiter I have ever seen.  I was so hesitant at first, but right away she figured out who I was and where I could be.   Hypothetically, if I didn’t get the job, I would have still been 100% happy because Jeannie got me the opportunity.  I couldn’t have done it without her.

    Without hyperbole, Jeannie is the absolute best.  I can’t sing her and her team’s praises enough.

    Paul Torres

    I went in one person and came out the other side a totally different professional with the job of a lifetime.
  • Patrice & Associates Recruitment Helps Find New Jobs in ALL Industries

    I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with David Kemp and Patrice & Associates. From the initial phone call and introduction, David was personable, professional and knowledgeable about the hiring manager, property and staff. He had extensive knowledge about both the opportunities and challenges with my now new position. David’s candor afforded me the knowledge to make an informed decision about accepting the opportunity. Thanks to David, I have an enjoyable new position with an excellent property, phenomenal team members and the opportunity for growth. Warm regards, Chenoa Douglass Patrice & Associates Recruitment Helps Find New Jobs in ALL Industries
  • Patrice & Associates Recruiters LOVE helping people find their next career!

    I just wanted to start by saying how incredibly professional Katie was with every step of the process. She outlined every necessary piece of information needed and was there for me every step of the way. She personalized every conversation we had and gave me every tool needed to succeed in attaining my new job at the Great American Restaurants. I would recommend her to anyone trying to advance their career in the culinary industry, and whoever needs help creating the best resume possible. I appreciate everything she did and am proud to have worked with her through the process! Thank you so much Katie and Patrice & Associates!   Zac Burger She outlined every necessary piece of information needed and was there for me every step of the way.
  • Recruitment Coaches Present New Possibilities!

    Benji Ellis was of utmost help!  He was able to listen to my needs and came up with suggestions and we went back and forth a few times. Ultimately, he ended up knowing a little more about what i needed than myself. We had talked over different projects and when he approached me with this new venture, I was not very interested to begin with, he insisted I should check it out, he was sure I would like it. So I gave it a try and after that it's all history.  I loved the concept and the team i would be working with.
    Benji was able to see things I couldn't.
    He kept great two way communication throughout the entire process making sure I knew every step of the way.
    He is fun, friendly and knowledgeable. After a month now in my new career, I'm having fun and loving this new experience.
    Alejandro Echevarria Gil
    Benji was able to see things I couldn't.