Recruiting During the Rollercoaster Economy!

The restaurant industry is going through a serious roller coaster! Between potential labor challenges brewing in CA and staffing issues throughout the country, there is much to think about. Consumers are consuming again at a rapid rate. Bars and restaurants are packed, and summer travel was in full swing.

Patrice & Associates has seen a strong uptick in business and our franchisees have been able to meet the demand head on. The restaurant industry is still about 1.2 million jobs short of pre-covid levels and there are many openings. We are working with local businesses and national chains to fill these roles as quickly as possible.

We have seen the demand for talent spill over into other sectors, including hotels, grocery stores, food & beverage companies, entertainment, and retail. Entertainment venues such as theme parks and dine-in movie theaters have a seen a huge uptick in demand as consumers are craving these interactive experiences.

This need for talent is not just at the management level. We are getting many more inquiries for Director, VP, and C-Level Executive positions, in every category, from sales, operations, marketing, HR, finance, and information technology. Companies are getting creative, offering higher salaries, more competitive benefits, and more opportunities to work from home.

Patrice & Associates strives to create a strong bond with both our clients that need help with hiring, as well as with our candidates who are seeking a new career. For our clients, we understand that it’s not just about the job description, we dig deeper into what makes the company tick, what are some of the intangible things they look for, what is their culture like, what are their core values. These are things that will help us find the right person for the job.

For the candidates, we know they have had many frustrating experiences with recruiters. They get one call and don’t hear back; or perhaps the recruiter finds them an opportunity but then leaves them alone as they advance through the interview process. We stick with our candidates every step of the way and it shows in the testimonials you can read on our website. We provide extensive coaching throughout the interview process to ensure the candidate is prepared and feeling confident leading into each interview. These are strategies and core values that have propelled Patrice & Associates to be the leader in Hospitality Recruiting. If you have a business that needs help with hiring, or you’re a candidate looking for their next career, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to working with you!


Duke Witte absolutely was amazing! 

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Duke Witte for his assistance in finding me a new job in the hospitality industry. I was disgruntled with my previous job, and I was feeling very discouraged about my prospects. I had been working in the restaurant industry for many years, and I had a lot of experience and skills, but I was having a hard time finding a better opportunity.

I was contacted via LinkedIn by Duke, and thank goodness I was.  Mr. Witte was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. He took the time to understand my skills and experience, and worked tirelessly to find me a job that was a good fit.

Duke was also very honest and upfront with me about the job market. He didn't sugarcoat things, but also didn't give up on me. He kept me motivated and encouraged, and never gave up on finding me a job that I would love.

I am so grateful to Duke Witte and his team for their help. I am now happily employed, and I am so happy that I was able to find a job that I love. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job in the restaurant industry. He is a true professional, and is dedicated to helping his clients find the perfect job!

Thank you again for everything!

Nick Grubbs

Working with Chris Bovio made job searching so much easier! 

Not only was he available and involved in my search, but also knowledgeable regarding the position. Chris used his industry experience and recruiting network to find the best position for me and my skill set. My only regret is that my new job is so perfect for me that I won’t need to use Chris or Patrice & Associates later.


Nick Guarino

Michael Greig was absolutely fantastic in every way! 

He gave me options and suggestions & eventually found a great for me. Communication was easy and he went above & beyond. Also, he seems like an all around good dude. Thanks again Michael. Solid work out there. You’re hired :)

Nic Callahan

Bryan Curtis was fantastic to work with!

Bryan was very on top of things throughout my recruiting process to the engineering firm I accepted my position with.  I responded to his LinkedIn posting and heard back from him within 24 hours. He continually spoke with me throughout the process checking in regularly and answering all my questions. Bryan was instrumental in helping me find a great job.



Frank Rondeau was a really big help! 

When it came to helping me find my new job, he knocked it out of the park!  He was very honest and thorough throughout the entire process. We had multiple conversations along the way and he always checked in after interviews. Frank was amazing to work with, and I'm super excited to start my new journey thanks to him.       

Many Thanks,


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