Fall into Freedom with a Patrice & Associates Franchise!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I bet you thought I was talking about the holiday season, but you guessed wrong. It is time for back to school. By the end of the summer most parents are ready to get their children back into a routine and most children are ready to see their friends and thrive on structure. This is the perfect time to start focusing on yourself and a career in franchising.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be your own boss or set your own hours? To have the flexibility to drop your kids off at school or walk them to the bus stop in the morning. Owning a franchise is just the beginning to a freedom most people only dream of. The ability to set your own schedule and be present in your family, friends, and children’s lives is why most people search for a franchise opportunity.

Just like Leibniz’s Law states no two things exactly resemble each other, no two franchises are the same. When searching for the right franchise opportunity for you there are many things to consider. Here are a few general items to consider……

  • Do you want a brick & mortar franchise, which will contain real estate and higher overhead costs…or perhaps a more mobile franchise that doesn’t require a brick & mortar location, but might require a van, equipment, and a few employees. Or perhaps you want a virtual business with lower investment and low overhead.
  • What do you want your lifestyle to be like? Do you want a business where you will be the owner operator? Or perhaps a business where you will manage employees. Some franchises require full time owner operators where others allow the franchisee to manage employees.
  • Think about what’s important to you in a franchise model. Established Brand? Niche Business? Recession Resistant? Virtual? Few Employees Needed? No Employees Needed? Quick Ramp Up?
  • How should I fund the business? There are many reputable franchise lenders that can help you access capital via SBA loans, term loans, lines of credit, or even the opportunity to access retirement funds to launch your business.

You might feel excited and confident to tackle this search on your own, and you certainly can. There are great resources such as the International Franchise Association. Their site is www.franchise.org and they have a wealth of great information to get you started on your journey.

If you feel you might need a guide, there are wonderful franchise coaching organizations that can assess your background and skillsets and match you with businesses that could be a good fit.

If you are interested in learning more about the Patrice & Associates franchise, we have a fantastic discovery process that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. It’s a fun, safe space, to see if this opportunity is the right venture for you! There is no better time to get started!


What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Francisco Chevez is one in a million!

    I would like to formally thank Francisco Chevez for helping me get this great District Manager position. Francisco was very professional from the beginning. He was persistent in his search for the perfect opportunity. He presented me with multiple job opportunities, all great. He made me feel as if I was his only client and his top priority. Even after starting the new job, he called back to check on me. Francisco is great at what he does and I’m glad I was paired with him.      


    Enzo Mera

    Francisco Chevez is one in a million!
  • Matt Lopez nailed it!

    I am thankful for the service that Matt Lopez provided on behalf of Patrice and Associates in finding me and matching me to an excellent job with an energy company in northern Virginia. Matt Lopez discussed the position and the company and advised me on the hiring process. Matt has the intuition to assess me the job candidate, and the employer regarding my personality and the corporate culture to make the match. Matt found a Company that has all the attributes that I have struggled over the past few years to find. I intend to do an excellent job for the Company that I am joining in October 2022. I plan to achieve my immediate objectives, the company’s goals and show that Patrice and Associated backed the right person for the job.                    


    Robert Chew

    Matt Lopez nailed it!
  • I can't thank Karl Busch enough!

    I recently relocated to South Carolina from New York.  At first I tried the usual big company name job search engines, I even reached out to a couple of recruiters but, Karl Busch at Patrice and Associates was the guy who got it done!  His guidance and advice along the way was invaluable.  I was able to secure an Executive Chef position at a high profile restaurant thanks to him.          

    Thank you!

    Steven D.

    I can't thank Karl Busch enough!
  • Shawn Hoye was great to work with.

    Super attentive with plenty insight into the local job market which gave me a leg up in making the perfect career move.              

    Many Thanks,

    Sean Giffing

    Shawn Hoye was great to work with!
  • Whitney Davis was incredible!

    I would just like to say what an asset Whitney Davis was in regards to me finding another job. I appreciate all the help and I would definitely recommend him to others.        

    Thank you!

    Larry A.

    Whitney Davis was incredible!