Spring Training Wrap UP

The spring training session is wrapping up for Patrice & Associates. We are excited to bring on four new franchises from various backgrounds. Each franchisee brings their own spin to the industry and leaves training with the tools and knowledge to begin working right away.

Training is two weeks long and virtual. It is an immersive experience consisting of classroom training, virtual break out sessions, recruiting and account development. You heard that right. Our franchisees begin cash flow generating activities during training. We provide the clients and give them a database of candidates. In addition to recruiting, we work on a local account development strategy to assist our franchisees in finding their own clients soon after leaving class.

Let’s get to know our new franchises. Nick and Leah Whited come to us from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Nick came to us with a strong HR background. Before coming to us, he was running his own HR Consulting firm and he saw Patrice & Associates as a great compliment to his business. His wife, Leah, will be assisting with the business and joined him in training. They are both “people” people and look forward to helping other through their Patrice & Associates business.


Greg Read from Wichita, Kansas, comes to us with a strong Food & Beverage background in the entertainment industry. He saw Patrice & Associates as a great opportunity to leverage his background into a successful entrepreneurial venture. He has many connections that he can tap into for account development. Greg liked the flexibility that the business provided. He will keep his full time job to start and slowly transition into Patrice & Associates full time.


Miles Gordon comes to us from Manhattan, NY. Miles is a true entrepreneur having successfully opened and built several different retail businesses. Miles liked the simplicity of our model as well as the ability to scale. He is looking forward to partnering with our other NY based franchisees on placements.


Finally, with have Meenaski Madaan. Meena came to us with a strong I.T. background. She was looking for a business that she could work with her family. Her husband will be helping out in the background and her sister will be taking an active role in the recruiting process with Meena. Meena was excited to find a business where she could work home and still have time for family.

Patrice & Associates is excited to continue to grow our brand across the country. Our franchisees are ramping up quicker than ever and we have prime territories available in top markets like Atlanta, Jacksonville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Charlotte, Denver, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit,  Northern New Jersey, Long Island, Philadelphia, Boston, Fairfield County, CT, and more.

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Allison Sullivan was amazing! 

    She found my resume online and reached out to me. I had been in the market looking for the right next step in my career for several months and had been receiving calls daily from different recruiters so I didn’t expect anything magical to occur overnight. Allison called me, we chatted quickly about my work experience and she advised me she thought I’d be perfect for a client she was working with….and literally the next day I got a call for an interview with the client. The day after the interview, I was immediately offered a position consulting on insurance claim management. Allison was checking in with me each step of the way and made the transition from unemployed to working at a career I’m excited about in no time at all! I cannot thank her and Patrice & Associates enough for all their help!  

    ~ Shane Laughran

    Allison Sullivan was amazing!
  • I am very thankful for Liz Costa.

    She was kind, informative, and very encouraging during the process of applying, interviewing, and finally accepting the position once it was offered to me. I have worked with several recruiters before and Liz was the most friendly and professional at the same time. She made me feel comfortable and also made me feel confident during the interview process. After only a few weeks, I now consider Liz a friend and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is in the looking in the labor market. Thank you Liz, I appreciate you as a person and a professional.


    I am very thankful for Liz Costa
  • Jonathan Litt set me up for success!

    I am truly excited to start this new journey at this restaurant. I can honestly say I don't think I would have been able to pull this off without Jonathan Litt's help. He was more than professional but at the same time he was authentic and explained everything I needed to do to make things work. He definitely set me up for success. My confidence level wasn't what it used to be, but with his help he made me believe in myself. He encouraged me and believed in me as well. I will never forget his efforts. My appreciation for his work and dedication will always be remembered. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this process. I am forever grateful.

    Thank you again,

    Latifah Walker

    Jonathan Litt set me up for success!
  • Recruitment & Hiring for Sales Jobs - Patrice & AssociatesRick Weaver is a pleasure to work with!

    Very helpful and professional! Goes out of his way for people!          

    Thank you for all you do!

    Ken M.

    Rick Weaver is a pleasure to work with!
  • Rick Weaver is great!

    I love it at my new career and picture my future here. Rick was awesome in helping me choose where I need to be and how I had to get there. It took a lot of interviews and me turning jobs down because it wasn’t a fit for me. At my new career I’m in the right place!  

    Thank you,


    Rick Weaver is great!