Preparing For Your Next Job Interview!

Whether you are just out of high school, college, or transitioning into a new career, a job interview can be a daunting experience. When getting ready for a job interview you need to be cool, calm, and collected. The best way to accomplish this is to be prepared. When preparing for an interview you need to consider the position you are applying for and the goals you want to achieve for that job.

The first thing you need to do when looking for a job is to make sure you have a great resume ready and get it out to the right channels. These may be on websites like Indeed, CareerBuilder, or working with a recruiter. Once you have completed this step you will begin to prepare for the interview process. There are basic steps to follow to get yourself ready and feeling confident.

Steps to prepare for your interview:


  1. Take a deeper dive into the job description. Study the job posting and be sure you know exactly what the employer is looking for. Do your research and know the position inside and out. Not only will this make you look like the ideal candidate it will also make you feel more relaxed for the interview.
  2. Research the company. Have a good understanding about the company, the position, and who you are interviewing with. It is important to know why you want the position and why you want to work for the company.
  3. Practice speaking in front of a mirror or with someone. Roleplaying the interview is important. You want to feel comfortable answering questions and confident in your responses. Body language is key.
  4. Bring hard copies of your resume to the interview. It is always best to feel overprepared than underprepared. You want to have a copy for yourself and the person interviewing you.
  5. Do a practice run of the interview location before the date. Know exactly where the building is and how long it takes to get there. The day of an interview can be stressful, and you want to feel confident in your travel time. Be sure to leave early to allow time for traffic, accidents, and any other unexpected detours.
  6. Sell yourself. Remember in an interview you are up against other people working towards the same goal… the job. You want to give the interviewer a reason to hire you above the other candidates. Use your skills, abilities, and accomplishments to push you ahead. Talk about what you can do to be the best fit for the company and the position.
  7. Follow Up! Be sure to send a follow up email to the employer. Thank them for their time and interview. Keep it short and to the point.

If you follow these steps you will be confident, prepared, and ready to take on any job interview at any level.

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Duke Witte absolutely was amazing! 

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Duke Witte for his assistance in finding me a new job in the hospitality industry. I was disgruntled with my previous job, and I was feeling very discouraged about my prospects. I had been working in the restaurant industry for many years, and I had a lot of experience and skills, but I was having a hard time finding a better opportunity.

I was contacted via LinkedIn by Duke, and thank goodness I was.  Mr. Witte was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. He took the time to understand my skills and experience, and worked tirelessly to find me a job that was a good fit.

Duke was also very honest and upfront with me about the job market. He didn't sugarcoat things, but also didn't give up on me. He kept me motivated and encouraged, and never gave up on finding me a job that I would love.

I am so grateful to Duke Witte and his team for their help. I am now happily employed, and I am so happy that I was able to find a job that I love. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job in the restaurant industry. He is a true professional, and is dedicated to helping his clients find the perfect job!

Thank you again for everything!

Nick Grubbs

Working with Chris Bovio made job searching so much easier! 

Not only was he available and involved in my search, but also knowledgeable regarding the position. Chris used his industry experience and recruiting network to find the best position for me and my skill set. My only regret is that my new job is so perfect for me that I won’t need to use Chris or Patrice & Associates later.


Nick Guarino

Michael Greig was absolutely fantastic in every way! 

He gave me options and suggestions & eventually found a great for me. Communication was easy and he went above & beyond. Also, he seems like an all around good dude. Thanks again Michael. Solid work out there. You’re hired :)

Nic Callahan

Bryan Curtis was fantastic to work with!

Bryan was very on top of things throughout my recruiting process to the engineering firm I accepted my position with.  I responded to his LinkedIn posting and heard back from him within 24 hours. He continually spoke with me throughout the process checking in regularly and answering all my questions. Bryan was instrumental in helping me find a great job.



Frank Rondeau was a really big help! 

When it came to helping me find my new job, he knocked it out of the park!  He was very honest and thorough throughout the entire process. We had multiple conversations along the way and he always checked in after interviews. Frank was amazing to work with, and I'm super excited to start my new journey thanks to him.       

Many Thanks,


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