Patrice & Associates Is On The Road Again!

The Patrice & Associates Franchise Team was on the road again this week to share our exciting franchise opportunity with FranNet consultants from across the country. The conference was held in sunny Orlando Florida at the Caribe Royale Resort.

The event was jam packed with exciting events, guest speakers, and two full days of speed networking where we shared the latest and greatest information on the Patrice & Associates franchise opportunity. Many of the consultants already knew about the main benefits of our model:

  • Flexibility / Virtual
  • Low Investment / Low Overhead
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Fast Path to Cash Flow

We had a lot of other exciting news to share, the most important being that 2021 was our best year ever from a franchisee performance standpoint! Consumers are back out to eat and traveling and hospitality entities are struggling with staffing challenges. These two things have created the perfect recipe for demand! Now is the time to be looking at Patrice & Associates. We have over 1,000 open jobs and many clients coming to our site for help daily. Our new franchisees are ramping up quicker than ever and they are also signing their own clients!

We also wanted to share that Executive Search is also booming. We have seen a significant uptick in Director, VP, and C-Level openings in every discipline, from sales & marketing, to finance & HR, and even legal and technology. Companies across restaurant, hotel, food & beverage, and entertainment industries are coming to Patrice & Associates for top talent.

During the event, we were able to hear from the fabulous Jim Canfield speak about the current economy and what consumers expect from companies today. He shared how we are in a world where consumers have every piece of info at their fingertips and have become accustomed to a certain level of customer service, especially from companies like Zillow and Amazon.

At Patrice & Associates, our core values of Respect, Excellence, Service, and Teamwork permeate through everything that we do. We spend a lot of time up front with our clients, not just understanding what the job entails, but also the intangibles, such as culture and core values and how that plays into their hiring processes. With our candidates, it’s not just a one and done conversation. We hold their hand through every stop of the process from the initial call, to interview prep, the offer, and on-boarding.

Whether you are soon to be entrepreneur looking for the right franchise, a candidate who needs help with their career search, or a hospitality entity needing to find talent, Patrice & Associates is where you need to be. We look forward to working with you!


What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Francisco Chevez is one in a million!

    I would like to formally thank Francisco Chevez for helping me get this great District Manager position. Francisco was very professional from the beginning. He was persistent in his search for the perfect opportunity. He presented me with multiple job opportunities, all great. He made me feel as if I was his only client and his top priority. Even after starting the new job, he called back to check on me. Francisco is great at what he does and I’m glad I was paired with him.      


    Enzo Mera

    Francisco Chevez is one in a million!
  • Matt Lopez nailed it!

    I am thankful for the service that Matt Lopez provided on behalf of Patrice and Associates in finding me and matching me to an excellent job with an energy company in northern Virginia. Matt Lopez discussed the position and the company and advised me on the hiring process. Matt has the intuition to assess me the job candidate, and the employer regarding my personality and the corporate culture to make the match. Matt found a Company that has all the attributes that I have struggled over the past few years to find. I intend to do an excellent job for the Company that I am joining in October 2022. I plan to achieve my immediate objectives, the company’s goals and show that Patrice and Associated backed the right person for the job.                    


    Robert Chew

    Matt Lopez nailed it!
  • I can't thank Karl Busch enough!

    I recently relocated to South Carolina from New York.  At first I tried the usual big company name job search engines, I even reached out to a couple of recruiters but, Karl Busch at Patrice and Associates was the guy who got it done!  His guidance and advice along the way was invaluable.  I was able to secure an Executive Chef position at a high profile restaurant thanks to him.          

    Thank you!

    Steven D.

    I can't thank Karl Busch enough!
  • Shawn Hoye was great to work with.

    Super attentive with plenty insight into the local job market which gave me a leg up in making the perfect career move.              

    Many Thanks,

    Sean Giffing

    Shawn Hoye was great to work with!
  • Whitney Davis was incredible!

    I would just like to say what an asset Whitney Davis was in regards to me finding another job. I appreciate all the help and I would definitely recommend him to others.        

    Thank you!

    Larry A.

    Whitney Davis was incredible!