Spring Ahead Into Action!

Has the recent time change inspired you to want more out of your career path and time management? Are you thinking the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining for longer, yet I am stuck in my corporate office cubical wanting more? A Patrice & Associates Franchise could be the solution for you!

During daylight savings time we spring ahead and change the clocks. The extended daylight at the end of the day is a welcome feeling coming out of the cold dark winter months. It rejuvenates people and makes them feel excited and ready for new beginnings. There is something to be said about the new life and energy projected into the world during Spring.

For some the career path they are on is lacking that feeling of excitement. They are looking to breathe life back into their daily routine. They have years of knowledge and experience and need to find a new avenue to channel it into.

If you think about recruiting, you think about taking all your experience and using it to help others on their path to success. At Patrice & Associates we take that concept and scale it into something greater. We work daily helping people on all walks of life find their passion and careers and place them on the path of success. We work not only in the restaurant industry, but also casinos, hotels, entertainment, and food & beverage!

When you invest in a Patrice & Associates Franchise you are getting a business you can feel good about. You get provided with signed clients to build your brand and are encouraged to go out and find your own as well. We help you every step of the way to find the right candidates to fill these high-level executive positions, so the client is happy, and you start generating revenue.

From the moment you step out of training you are ready to start working your very own franchise. With the warm weather on the horizon this is an exciting thought. You can work from the comfort of your home, your office, or remote on vacation. The possibilities are endless. If you want to pick your child up from school, or have a soccer game you can’t miss, the business can come with you. That is a great perk of owning a Patrice & Associates Franchise! We want you to be successful and make your business work for you!


Steps To Starting a Patrice & Associates Franchise:

  • First call with VP of Franchise Development to learn more about the opportunity
  • Watch Webinar to see our Operating System
  • Call with COO for a deeper dive into operations, support, and our culture.
  • Check in calls/emails with VP of Franchise Development when needed
  • Talk with Franchisees to get a feel for the business
  • Call with Founder and Owner Patrice


The process of becoming a franchise owner is an exciting one. We will walk you through a robust discovery process to ensure we are a good match. We look forward to having you join our team. There are still many great territories available across the U.S. and Canada. Contact Patrice & Associates today for more information.


Duke Witte absolutely was amazing! 

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Duke Witte for his assistance in finding me a new job in the hospitality industry. I was disgruntled with my previous job, and I was feeling very discouraged about my prospects. I had been working in the restaurant industry for many years, and I had a lot of experience and skills, but I was having a hard time finding a better opportunity.

I was contacted via LinkedIn by Duke, and thank goodness I was.  Mr. Witte was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. He took the time to understand my skills and experience, and worked tirelessly to find me a job that was a good fit.

Duke was also very honest and upfront with me about the job market. He didn't sugarcoat things, but also didn't give up on me. He kept me motivated and encouraged, and never gave up on finding me a job that I would love.

I am so grateful to Duke Witte and his team for their help. I am now happily employed, and I am so happy that I was able to find a job that I love. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job in the restaurant industry. He is a true professional, and is dedicated to helping his clients find the perfect job!

Thank you again for everything!

Nick Grubbs

Working with Chris Bovio made job searching so much easier! 

Not only was he available and involved in my search, but also knowledgeable regarding the position. Chris used his industry experience and recruiting network to find the best position for me and my skill set. My only regret is that my new job is so perfect for me that I won’t need to use Chris or Patrice & Associates later.


Nick Guarino

Michael Greig was absolutely fantastic in every way! 

He gave me options and suggestions & eventually found a great for me. Communication was easy and he went above & beyond. Also, he seems like an all around good dude. Thanks again Michael. Solid work out there. You’re hired :)

Nic Callahan

Bryan Curtis was fantastic to work with!

Bryan was very on top of things throughout my recruiting process to the engineering firm I accepted my position with.  I responded to his LinkedIn posting and heard back from him within 24 hours. He continually spoke with me throughout the process checking in regularly and answering all my questions. Bryan was instrumental in helping me find a great job.



Frank Rondeau was a really big help! 

When it came to helping me find my new job, he knocked it out of the park!  He was very honest and thorough throughout the entire process. We had multiple conversations along the way and he always checked in after interviews. Frank was amazing to work with, and I'm super excited to start my new journey thanks to him.       

Many Thanks,


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