Free COVID-19 Takeout and Delivery Courses available

To help keep you and your employees safe, ServSafe is offering the online Food Handler, COVID-19 Takeout and COVID-19 Delivery courses, for free at now through April 30. Take advantage of this offer to get the essential training every restaurant and foodservice worker needs to keep diners and themselves safe. Additionally, the new ServSuccess Restaurant Professional and Restaurant Supervisor Learning Suites will also be offered free of charge at through April 30. ServSuccess certifications provide restaurant employees a way to demonstrate and restaurant employers a way to gauge the skills, competencies and knowledge required for jobs in the…

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From the Desk of Patrice Rice, Regarding Covid-19

From the Desk of Patrice Rice, CEO and Founder Patrice & Associates Recruiting Specialists: We recognize that these are difficult times. At Patrice & Associates we believe that we must be staffing partners to our clients in good times and when the world events test our resolve. As you continue to evaluate your current situation, we will be here for you.  Patrice & Associates consultants are here to help assess your staffing needs and provide resources to guide you in each step of your journey.    We are ready to provide career coaching to potentially displaced staff as well as talent…

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Delivery Hugely Impacting Restaurants

As off-premises sales explode, operators make sure their food arrives in premium condition. Delivery is more important than ever, and operators are working to win their share of this lucrative segment. According to a recent survey from the National Restaurant Association, approximately 60% of restaurant occasions are now off-premise across all forms, including drive-thru, takeout and delivery. The survey, which the National Restaurant Association conducted with Technomic, also found: 79% of consumers use restaurant delivery at least once a month. 34% of consumers utilize delivery more often than a year ago. Fries are especially popular among consumers ordering delivery. According…

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Wendy’s will offer Breakfast in 2020

The Wendy’s Co. will debut its new breakfast daypart nationwide in the first quarter of 2020 and expects the new daypart eventually to contribute a 10% growth in sales, executives said Friday. The Dublin, Ohio-based burger brand, which hosted an Investor Day on Friday, said the new breakfast platform, which has been tested in 300 stores from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., is expected to contribute 6% to 8% of sales in the partial 2020 fiscal year and has been tailored, with help from franchisees, to simplify operations. Kurt Kane, Wendy’s president for the U.S. division, said the brand was “going big…

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Top Traits Recruiters Look for in Executive Search

Personality should never be the sole consideration when it comes to executive search, but certain personality traits tend to thrive more than others when it comes to C-suite positions. Here are some of the top traits executive search teams should look for when considering top executive candidates. Professionalism Executives must be professional in their dealings with others both internally as well as outside of the company. Professionalism can be conveyed through the way they dress, how they interact with others, and particularly how they deal with difficult situations. With the number of meetings that C-level talent must attend, the number…

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Think Beyond the Boundaries

The summer between fourth and fifth grades, Andy Andrews writes in his new book The Bottom of the Pool, he and his friends spent most of their time at a local pool, where they invented a game called Dolphin. The object: To see who could propel himself highest above the surface, the way dolphins do. All the kids did this in the same way, by pushing upward against the water with their legs, and they all got pretty good at it—until one of them, named Kevin, leapt far higher above the water than anyone else. How? By first diving as deep…

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5 things cruise lines can teach the hospitality industry

Not every hotel can rely on cruise ship basics to boost their customers’ experiences. However, there’s definitely something to improve at every hotel - what can you do better? Perhaps studying a cruise ship can help you. It’s true — a cruise ship is much different than a hotel. The former carries passengers from port to port, feeding and entertaining them along the way. Alternatively, hotels provide a place to sleep and, often, not much more than that. With that in mind, hotels stand to gain a lot by studying how cruise lines operate. Customers come back for cruises again…

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Where and How to Find Great Sales Reps

Sure, technology can help heat up your metrics, but only talent can sell your brand like hot cakes. In the ever-shifting market, talent spells the difference between sales organizations that are well-positioned to win the future and those that struggle just to survive the challenges of the present. As customer centricity, account-based selling, and artificial intelligence redraw the contours of business, talent will become more crucial to keeping pipelines full, flowing, and fruitful. If your organization lacks the will to attract, recruit, and retain excellent sales professionals, then you are just exerting futile efforts at postponing failure to a later…

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Why good sales reps are SO hard to find (and how to find them)

When I started my business I went through lots of sales reps/recruiters before almost giving up on the sales rep idea. The more business owners I spoke to, the more I heard the same challenge, “There are just no good sales guys out there”. Thankfully, I learned some lessons along the way and discovered (eventually) how to solve one of the biggest problems most small owners face . i.e. How to find GREAT sales people. The two biggest reasons I feel business owners and myself were failing miserably when it came to finding great sales reps were: Expectations around what…

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How to Hire a Sales Representative

For many brands that sell wholesale, utilizing independent reps and rep firms is a key part of their sales strategy. For some, it’s not cost-effective to employ in-house reps, or they simply need to get feet on the ground quickly without having to put resources into establishing a salaried team. Others recognize the depth of the existing networks and relationships an independent rep may provide, which can open up new business opportunities in existing markets, and provide access to new territories. Whatever the reason, wholesalers often look to hiring independent sales representatives, also called manufacturer’s reps, as an alternative to way to…

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Thank you again Matt!! 

    Matt Lopez was absolutely an integral part of the success of connecting to my next amazing role.  He had extremely thorough preparatory information and dialogue, encouraged us to engage in continuous practice, offered helpful tips and general guidelines, and was super diligent in follow ups.  He was friendly, professional, and upbeat.  I truly enjoyed our interactions and I'm so grateful to him, for I am 100% certain he is a big part of me landing the job.  I would refer him to anyone in search of their next long term role.
    Thank You,

    Monica Karell
    Thank you again Matt!!
  • She was very professional and a pleasure to interact with on several occasions 

    I would like to pass along how happy I am with the assistance I received working with Jodi Furraitti from Patrice and Associates Recruiting.  Her advice and resume suggestions helped me secure a great position with an outstanding restaurant company.             Sincerely, Joe O'Hagan She was very professional and a pleasure to interact with on several occasions
  • My experience with Margo was outstanding

    Margo reached out to me about a potential management position she thought fit my background and experience.  She was very good at explaining to me the job responsibilities, the average pay and the mission statement of the company.  She made sure I was a great fit before she even submitted my resume. Margo prepped me for the interview and told me what to expect and has followed up to see how I'm doing.  I did get the job and I feel a lot of it is because Margo had prepared me on what to expect and what they were looking for in a candidate.
    Thank you,
    Tom Procida
    My experience with Margo was outstanding
  • This was the position I was looking for and accepted! 

    I came in contact with Bryan Curtis in January/February, we spoke in length concerning my requirements, work history and the exact position I was seeking.  I was only interested in opportunities in the Philadelphia area, nothing in Northern New Jersey.  He said if he comes across anything he’ll reach out to me.  Having never worked with a recruiter I didn’t think much due to my requirements.  About a month later, he called to let me know he was still keeping an eye out.  I continued my Internet searches, managed some in person interviews but nothing to start the relocation.  I decided to end my search in late March when Bryan called about an available position.  He explained the position and the background of the group, then arranged an interview with Management.  Meanwhile, Bryan contacted me before the interview to wish me luck.  He followed up after the interview and kept in contact.  I have no doubt that if Bryan had not reached out to me, I would not be currently working and living in the Philadelphia area.               Sincerely, David Bloch This was the position I was looking for and accepted!
  • He is an asset to the recruiting world!

    I met Bruce Leininger through Patrice in September 2020, and I must say that Bruce has been one of the most professional recruiters I have ever worked with.
    Thank you,
    Dave Morrison
    He is an asset to the recruiting world!