Patrice Gives Back

In the spirit of love and community today is the day to talk about giving back. When you look at the definition of “give back” in the dictionary it states, to provide help or financial assistance to others in appreciation of one’s own success or good fortune. This is exactly the mindset of our founder and CEO Patrice. She has taken her knowledge and success and given it back to the community. She is passionate about many organizations and today we are going to highlight the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.   This organization’s mission is to honor the sacrifice of…

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The First Virtual Training of 2022!

The First Virtual Training of 2022!     The time has come to wrap up another great virtual training session for Patrice & Associates. We brought on five amazing franchisees ready to dive into the surging hospitality industry. Our two-week session is a jam-packed mixture of classroom learning, breakout sessions, and hands on recruiter training. Beginning the recruiting process in training is key to getting our franchisees ramped up quickly. Our goal is for them to leave the two weeks of training confident and ready to begin their franchise journey. Once our franchisees graduate, they will embark on a post…

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Special Note from Patrice

[caption id="attachment_21879" align="alignleft" width="300"] Man push number zero down the cliff where has the number 2021 with blue sky and sunrise. It is symbol of starting and welcome happy new year 2021.[/caption] 2020 was a year to remember, or forget.  We all know hospitality was one of the hardest hit industries.  The restaurants that survived had to “pivot” to stay afloat.  Carry out, curbside pick up, and delivery all became the “norm”.  Restaurants and Patrice & Associates pivoted together. The pandemic is almost over and restaurants are rebounding quickly.  The new concern is they can’t find staff.  The news reports…

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Hospitality Recruitment Demand Overflows

We are seeing more and more companies expanding and need managers.  Our hospitality recruitment services are in high demand as we have over 1,000 jobs. The demand for managers will be increasing as restaurants are moving to digital drive-thru windows. Pizza Hut is launching a digital pickup window at 1,500 restaurants Pizza Hut announced Tuesday that the Yum Brands company has launched the Hut Lane: a dedicated digital pickup window at 1,500+ locations around the country, with more on the way. The feature allows customers to place orders through the Pizza Hut website, app, or over the phone and drive…

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The Hospitality Flood Gates are Opening!

As the owner of Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruitment, I use my own business as a yardstick measuring the health of the hospitality industry.  In 2020, our clients were being forced to close, job seekers weren't looking for jobs as they were on unemployment - and there were no jobs to be found. As more states gave the green light for restaurants to open, they have been in a frenzy.  Many only got a 24 - 48-hour notice that they could open.  They didn't have the food ordered, they didn't have any prepping options and they didn't have the staff.…

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The unprofessional actions of one ruin it for all

Authored by Chuck Helden, Franchisee The other day I came upon a LinkedIn post, written by a recruiter from another firm within my own industry. This recruiter wrote that her client embarrassed her because of their unresponsiveness to the application of one of her candidates. She told the candidate of this client's unresponsiveness, and that she could not wait to find him a better opportunity with a better company. She then proceeded to “lecture” her client in the post! There are a lot of incredibly good professional recruiters and recruiting firms out there, but there are some that give the industry a…

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Hire for Culture and Fit

Author:  Rick Weaver, Franchisee Hire for Culture and Fit It was a chilly morning as I raced to get to a meeting across town. Along the way I stopped for a quick breakfast. When the food came, I said, “You must enjoy getting people a delicious start to their day.” The reply shocked me. “I like it, I just wish the food was healthier”. I immediately thought, “my breakfast isn’t healthy? I thought it was. After all it's low in sodium and fat. What is wrong with it.” Was the problem the food, the wait staff, or something else. Research…

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Patrice & Associates Update on COVID and the Hospitality Industry

Patrice & Associates Update on COVID and the Hospitality Industry Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases, told Robin Roberts of ABC News in Mid-November “the calvary is coming here. Vaccines are going to have a major positive impact.” Dr Fauci, a trusted top adviser, sees the vaccine  having a significant affect on curbing the pandemic.   This combined with thoughtful mask wearing means that we see an abatement of this pandemic within 4-6 months.  Hopefully at that point, life will return to “normal.” There is no question the hospitality industry has been hit the hardest in the last…

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How Restaurants are Preparing for the New Normal

How Restaurants are Preparing for the New Normal In talking with our clients there seems to be a common thread in everyone's thoughts.  They want to transition back to normality.  This transition would be a gradual reopening of restaurants whereas festivals and ball parks may take longer. The pandemic has encouraged many restaurants who had not considered take-out to start offering it. Online ordering systems and third-party delivery apps have made this an increasingly realistic prospect. Restaurants should have a dedicated "staging area" for carry-out as many guests want to preserve the dining experience.  A separate entrance would be optimal. …

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Hospitality Trending for the “New Norm”

The Hospitality Industry is embracing what may be a permanent “new norm”.  Extra sanitizing, gloves and masks are making for a safer experience as many guests prefer to dine-in.  Carry out has been a interim solution but to me, even a great steak doesn’t taste the same in Styrofoam. Many restaurants are re-staffing and looking to Hospitality Recruiters for help locate top talent.  Not all furloughed workers want to return to their job.  This paid time off, with unemployment, gave them the ability to explore their options. Restaurant Recruiters play a big part in re-staffing their hospitality clients. Many are…

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • I can honestly say that Liz Costa was a breath of fresh air.

    I have worked with other recruiters in the past that left me disappointed in their performance. Most seem to just want to get the position filled with almost zero research in your skill set. She was extremely helpful, with knowledge of the current position, the client base, what to speak about during the interview, and following steps of the  process. It felt like having a close friend or family member help you with your job search, not a recruiter. Her follow ups too were very helpful and insightful. I would recommend anyone I knew looking for gainful employment to use Liz Costa. Whatever Patrice and Associates is paying her is not enough!

    ~ Jesse Rusinski

    I can honestly say that Liz Costa was a breath of fresh air!
  • Dreams do come true! 

    Working with David Israel truly restored my trust and faith in working with a recruiter.  From start to finish David understood what was important to me for a new direction in my career along with my goals.  He was able to present me with an awesome opportunity, and in the end, I got the job.  David I feel is a well-seasoned recruiter that knows his stuff, I would highly recommend him anytime.  


    Thank you,


    Dreams do come true!
  • servicesI would like to give praise to Ana Haynes of Patrice & Associates.

    I applied for a general manager position and Ana called me immediately to interview me. This was for a stranger to get to know the candidate. Ana was very professional, asked about my background and what I was looking for. Ana sent my resume over to the company I was applying for and the interview was set up. From that point forward, Ana was interested and cared about the process I was going through and if the position was what I was looking for. It was great, I am beginning a new path in a long time career path for myself and it is thanks to Ana that I have this opportunity. Thank you Ana for helping with the haggling of pay and interview process, as well as making sure my resume was sure to catch attention!  

    Much love,


    I would like to give praise to Ana Haynes of Patrice & Associates
  • Thanks to Roberto Sempe for making my dream come true!

    It has been a pleasure connecting, speaking, and getting through an amazing process with Patrice & Associates and with Roberto, who understood my skills and needs and offered me a great opportunity where I could excel my expertise. He has been very tender and helpful during the entire process and I would always recommend him and Patrice & Associates to all of my friends for their future endeavors. Again, thank you for recognizing my abilities and matching with the right fit towards my career goals!!




    Thanks to Roberto Sempe for making my dream come true!
  • Duke Witte is the consummate professional with a great deal of empathy!

    When Duke first reached out to me via LinkedIn, I was skeptical. The position he was reaching out for was not what I wanted. He asked what I was looking for in my new adventure, when listening to my response, he began to share with me what the opportunity presented. He assured me that I would not be disappointed. Fast forward to today, I am not disappointed and relishing my new adventure! Duke checked in with me after each interview step, scheduled a strategy call and has checked in on me several times during my first few weeks in the new position. Duke cares about his candidates and stays with you every step of the way. If anyone is seeking a new opportunity, my recommendation is to reach out to him. You will not be disappointed!    

    Kind Regards,


    Duke Witte is the consummate professional with a great deal of empathy!