You’re never too old to get rich if you follow these seven tips for starting a business

Franchise Ownership can change your life. I talk to lots of people over 50 that are looking at business ownership options because priorities in life change.  They want more control, work/life balance, and to create wealth and a legacy for themselves. Of all the reasons to start at business after age 50, perhaps the best one is that the years are passing. Maybe it’s something you always wanted to do. For some, it’s a good strategy for getting more work years in before retirement. Sure, it’s a lot of work and a lot of hours. But there’s one thing that…

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7 Tips for Finding a Job

1. Make a plan – Time and time again you hear, “make a plan and stick to it.” It’s not just something motivational speakers and political candidates say, it’s actually really helpful in your job search process too. By setting aside time each day and having deadlines for yourself, you create accountability to find that job. 2. #Goals – Each day have a goal. You already blocked out the time to be productive, but how do you know you’re making progress? With actionable goals like updating your work history on your resume or finding and applying to 5 new job opportunities, it’s easier to…

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New Fast Casual Seafood Concepts

I find it interesting how restaurants are moving more into the seafood category on their menus.  Living my life on the Chesapeake Bay I can't bring myself to order "Maryland Crab Cakes" in another state ... like the midwest. Not so long ago those who didn’t live near the water but who wanted to eat fresh seafood had to choose between expensive fine-dining restaurants or fry-it-all fast-food joints. Now, a wave of multi-unit, fast casual seafood concepts are stepping in to fill the gap. “We’ve seen the space grow significantly in the 12 years we’ve been around,” said Jonathan Weathington,…

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Quick-Serve Restaurants need to be be prepared for “lifestyle dieters”

"Lifestyle dieters" want choices in where they eat which often makes it difficult for restaurants to recruit managers that understand that concept. Just when gluten-free has begun to be manageable for most QSRs to safely serve for both customers who must refrain from gluten, along with those who simply opt to do so, along comes a slew of new ways the world wants to eat. From keto and paleo, to Whole30 and Clean Menu eating, QSR customers are eating from the "lifestyle" diet that best meets their needs and  preferences. Typically, the popularity of any given diet will either build…

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Recruiting Interviewing Stories – Gaffes to watch out for

As a recruitment agency we see all kinds of situations. It has been amazing to watch what people do on interviews.  I had a candidate that was interviewing with Panera Bread who walked into the interview with a Starbucks coffee!  There was a candidate who was finishing up chewing his breakfast while introducing himself to the interviewer.  What were these people thinking?  Obviously they weren't! Interviews come in many guises, but the errors people make are common. Some are very obvious, but recruiters still get faced with them on a regular basis. Not enough research By far the most common…

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Recruiting Tip: Interview Style

Throughout the years of recruiting, I've seen the "style" become more and more casual.  When interviewing for a job you have make sure you "look" the part of the job you are applying for. It should go without saying that the interview is the first and only chance you’ll get to make a good impression. You may have all the qualifications in the world, but turn up looking scruffy and you’ll be headed for the exit instead of your new manager’s office.  Psychologists estimate that just 7% of the impression you make at interview will be based on what you say. The…

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Be Prepared for the Interview – No Negative Body Language

As a career coach for 30 years, I've heard all the stories from recruiters about people going on interviews.  Recruitment is one thing, now you have the interview and there are many aspects to think about. Your body language can say a lot more about your feelings than you might suppose, and this is especially true when you’re being interviewed. Poor body language can betray nervousness and give the interviewer the wrong impression. Follow these five simple tips to ensure your body language remains as eloquent and as articulate as you are. 1. Faking it Most people can spot a…

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Five Star hotel interview? How to be a Five Star candidate.

If you’ve been working in the hotel industry for a while, you’ll be looking to further your career at some point, and what better way than to make the step up to a five star hotel? Jose Ruiz, HR manager at The Berkeley Hotel, gives some ideas on what to expect when you interview for a five star hotel position.   Q: How different is the interview process for the service industry as opposed to, say, an office job? A: I wouldn’t say it’s completely different, although in the service industry the emphasis is firmly on personality and behavior. At our hotel,…

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7 interview mistakes you never thought of

 You’ve seen the hotel, restaurant or catering job   you want, you’ve sent off your resume and you’ve got a first interview. So, what are the mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you clear this hurdle and get a second one? Well, there’s a lot of advice out there, and you’ve probably heard the obvious ones about not turning up late and not looking scruffy. You’ve probably even heard the horror stories of the interviewees who chewed gum throughout their interviews, or started munching on sandwiches. Or the ones with the odd questions (tip: never ask an interviewer if that’s their natural hair color). But what about the…

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10 Recruitment Tips to maximize your job postings

Recruitment Tips to maximize your job postings In today's unemployment market, you need to use all avenues to find the best candidate.  Using Patrice & Associates is a great idea as we want to be your staffing partner.  Being your staffing partner also means we want to help you find multiple ways to source candidates when necessary.  Solve Your Recruitment Challenges Did you know, as many as 54% of Americans use the internet to look for available jobs? So, if you're an employer wanting to fill a vacancy, there's a good chance you've posted an ad on a job board. If that…

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Hospitality Recruitment Can Work for You too!

    Emily was such a breath of fresh air. From the very first conversation we had till today, she has been so understanding, accommodating, and on top of everything. Emily originally found me, I'm not sure where, but for that I am so thankful. She knew exactly what the company was looking for and it made for a perfect fit. She referred me to the company and with in a day or two they had reached out to me. She did an amazing job keeping me updated as well staying on top of the company for communication. She gave me the best advise and provided me with all the information you can think of. Emily knows what's she's doing and is great representation for Patrice & Associates. Again, I can not thank Emily enough for the opportunity she's provided me! With out her I would not be where I am today. I am thrilled to be with this new company now and look forward to a long career with a great company! - Jasmine Lezama   Have a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist work for you for FREE Hospitality Recruitment Can Work for You too!
  • Let Hospitality Recruiters Work for You!

    I would like to thank Frank Rondeau for leading me through all the steps required to land a great job opportunity. Frank took the time to ask questions about my career goals, and personal plans, in order to create a personal resume based on my career and work experience.  This was to connect me with a great job that was a fit for myself and for my future employer. The end result was getting into the interview process.  Frank gave me appropriate advice on how to handle the interview process so that it would be successful, and it sure was. Thank you Frank and Patrice and Associates for helping me get started on this exciting next chapter of my life! - Elaine Garcia   How to work with a recruitment specialist Let Hospitality Recruiters Work for You!
  • Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job too!

    Matt Lopez was one of the best recruiters that I have had a chance to work with. He worked for me!  Matt had all the information about the company, the restaurant and the people I would be working for.  No surprises at all! I have been at my new job for approximately 3 weeks.  I love the job and the people I work for. Matt helped me secure the salary that I was looking for as well. Thanks For Everything Matt! Joe Stewart     Career Coaches that help you for FREE Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job too!
  • Hospitality Recruiters are There for You!

    Back at the end of March my wife and I turned our restaurant over to our daughter and son in-law to run, with the idea we would retire. We took a couple of trips and got somethings done around the house.  By the first of July I knew the retirement life was not for me. I started filling out some applications online and just a couple days later I revived a call from Karl Busch, with Patrice & Associates, he let me know he had a position open in the area. Karl knew all my back ground was in full service restaurants and he ask if this was something I would be interested in, I let him know that I love the restaurant business and doing something different in the business is just what I needed. Karl made the phone calls and got met the interview, he really went to bat for me. After a couple weeks I am now training and really enjoying the job and the people. Karl still checks on me to see how things are going. I don’t think of Karl Busch as a job recruiter but as a friend. Thank you Karl and Patrice & Associates for believing in me, Dave Grant     #1 Hospitality Management Recruitment Agency Hospitality Recruiters are There for You!
  • Hospitality Recruitment Works!

    I really want to say thank you to Aida and her team for the hard work they do for others!  I finally got my security badge so I can start to work at LaGuardia Airport! Thank you very much for you great help! -Jose Chavez   #1 Hospitality Management Recruitment Agency Hospitality Recruitment Works!