February Labor Numbers Inch Upward Once Again, Says Brian Miller, of Patrice & Associates

More job openings, and not enough people to fill them leave companies and candidates more selective.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported yesterday that unemployment increased slightly to 3.9% in February. The total of non-farm payroll rose by 275,000. That’s an improvement from the softer labor market we witnessed in December and January. As the new year picks up steam, the February labor numbers inch upward once again. Health care, government, restaurants and bars, social assistance, and transportation and warehousing all saw increases. The BLS revised their January and December numbers downward by 167,000 jobs which makes February’s increase more dramatic.


CCG: How did we fare with job openings in specific industries?


Miller: Health care added 67,000 jobs in February, and government employment rose by 52,000. Employment in food services and drinking places increased by 42,000 in February, after changing little over the prior 3 months. Construction trended upwards by 23,000 jobs, while retail showed little change, with a modest increase of 19,000 jobs. Retail has shown little net change over the year.


CCG:    What about the labor market trend numbers?

Miller:  The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) shows the most recent February labor numbers are consistent with the trends we see across our network. Overall, the labor market remains strong and normalizing. The giant upward swings we witnessed after the pandemic are gone. The good news is that the new normal is a solid labor market with 1.45 jobs for every unemployed person vs. 1.2 jobs the year before the pandemic. The JOLTS data show a cooling job market but not a significant slowdown in net job creation and economic activity, according to Wells Fargo economist Sara House. Job openings, a measure of labor demand, slipped 26,000 to 8.863 million on the last day of January, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, said. The number of workers resigning from their jobs fell 54,000 to 3.385 million in January.

CCG:    Patrice & Associates has a significant presence in Canada, so what’s going on up north?

Miller:  The Canadian version of the BLS reported a similar cooling trend. Employment increased in Canada by 41,000 in February, with a slight uptick in unemployment to 5.8%. Telling a similar story to the US, accommodation and food services grew by 26,000 following a decline of 30,000 in January. Canada is also experiencing a greying population, just like in the U.S., with an ever-growing number of workers reaching age 65. This North American trend continues to fuel a tighter labor market.

CCGAny comment on where interest rates are going, given the state of employment and the workforce?

Miller:  Based on the most recent data, economists expect that the U.S. Central Bank and the Canadian Central Bank will not cut interest rates until the summer. This is much anticipated and may be contributing to the uptick in optimism, a.k.a. job growth, we’re seeing. Companies are gearing up.

CCG: That sounds like good news for Patrice & Associates, correct?

Miller: It is. Our clients still have plenty of job openings, a trend for us, so this is nothing new. Companies that are great at what they do always have business, and that is true for us. So yes, thanks to the tight labor market, we continue to see increasing demand across multiple industry sectors. Where we are seeing a change, and this is because of job market stabilization, is that clients have the luxury of being more specific about the candidates they’re seeing. Matching them precisely to the job specifications rather than taking what they can get. Candidates also have the same luxury of being increasingly choosy about the jobs they will take. So, it is our job to help both sides make that perfect match, which no one does better than Patrice & Associates recruiters.


Duke Witte absolutely was amazing! 

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Duke Witte for his assistance in finding me a new job in the hospitality industry. I was disgruntled with my previous job, and I was feeling very discouraged about my prospects. I had been working in the restaurant industry for many years, and I had a lot of experience and skills, but I was having a hard time finding a better opportunity.

I was contacted via LinkedIn by Duke, and thank goodness I was.  Mr. Witte was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. He took the time to understand my skills and experience, and worked tirelessly to find me a job that was a good fit.

Duke was also very honest and upfront with me about the job market. He didn't sugarcoat things, but also didn't give up on me. He kept me motivated and encouraged, and never gave up on finding me a job that I would love.

I am so grateful to Duke Witte and his team for their help. I am now happily employed, and I am so happy that I was able to find a job that I love. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job in the restaurant industry. He is a true professional, and is dedicated to helping his clients find the perfect job!

Thank you again for everything!

Nick Grubbs

Working with Chris Bovio made job searching so much easier! 

Not only was he available and involved in my search, but also knowledgeable regarding the position. Chris used his industry experience and recruiting network to find the best position for me and my skill set. My only regret is that my new job is so perfect for me that I won’t need to use Chris or Patrice & Associates later.


Nick Guarino

Michael Greig was absolutely fantastic in every way! 

He gave me options and suggestions & eventually found a great for me. Communication was easy and he went above & beyond. Also, he seems like an all around good dude. Thanks again Michael. Solid work out there. You’re hired :)

Nic Callahan

Bryan Curtis was fantastic to work with!

Bryan was very on top of things throughout my recruiting process to the engineering firm I accepted my position with.  I responded to his LinkedIn posting and heard back from him within 24 hours. He continually spoke with me throughout the process checking in regularly and answering all my questions. Bryan was instrumental in helping me find a great job.



Frank Rondeau was a really big help! 

When it came to helping me find my new job, he knocked it out of the park!  He was very honest and thorough throughout the entire process. We had multiple conversations along the way and he always checked in after interviews. Frank was amazing to work with, and I'm super excited to start my new journey thanks to him.       

Many Thanks,


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