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A twist on a seafood staple – ABC News

Jason Weiner, executive chef and founder of Almond Tribeca in New York City, demonstrates how to make Lobster Sausage.

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Baseball stadiums debut opening day eats – ABC News

New ballpark food includes chicken-fried bacon.  

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On tap: Flavor of Now – Pizza Hut

2014 Drink Trend – Signature Regional Cocktails

Just as food with backstories sells well, so do cocktails with a history. Highlighting regional specialties behind the bar — a Sazerac in New Orleans, a mint julep in Louisville, Ky. — adds to drinks’ appeal and helps give customers...

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2014 Drink Trend – Barrel Aged Drinks

Chefs and bartenders are sourcing their own barrels, making large batches of cocktails and aging them in-house, allowing them to give their customers something unavailable elsewhere. Peter Kreidler, sous chef of Clay Pigeon Food and Drink in Fort Worth, Texas,...

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2014 Drink Trend – Local Beer, Wine & Spirits

Restaurant chain managers and beverage directors are being empowered to buy locally produced beverages that are popular in their communities. Franchisees are, too, said Tom Lewison, CEO of 36-unit Wild Wing Café. “We allow franchisees to work on their own...

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2014 Drink Trend – Microdistilled and Artisan Spirits lists more than 600 small distilleries in the United States — every state has at least one now — an increase from about 70 in 2003, according to The Atlantic. “I think it’s what customers want,” said James Gersten,...

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2014 Drink Trend – India Pale Ale

Once prized only by craft beer aficionados with unusual predilections for bitter flavors, IPAs took the mainstream market by storm this year. Nearly one quarter of craft beers in supermarkets are IPAs, according to Mark Vidano of beverage consulting firm...

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2014 Drink Trend – Classic Cocktails with a Twist

High-concept cocktails that take 10 minutes to make took a backseat to simpler cocktails made well this year. Small flourishes helped attract customers, such as the mole bitters that the Omni Hotels & Resorts added to its Old Fashioned cocktails...

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Shannan made the process smooth!

    My journey to choosing to further my career was a long one. It was full of questions and Shannon was there for all of them. Throughout my interview process he was very thorough. He made sure to prepare me for every step and offered any insight he could. Even after being hired he constantly checked up to see how the process was going. When we were out of state training he sent my homesick team buckeyes!!!! I have never had the pleasure of working with someone who has the passion and energy he does. He made the process as smooth as anyone could have asked for. ~Brandi Joseph Shannon made the process smooth!
  • Thanks Again!

    Bartol starts on Wednesday! Thanks for again turning over all the rocks for us. - FH Client  Thanks Again!
  • Amy is genuine, honest and has a passion for what she does.

    Amy contacted me in a time where I was unhappy where I was but wasn’t doing anything to change it. She was very informative and if she didn’t have the information at hand, she got it. She revamped an old resume making it more about achievements than responsibilities. She coached me on interview tactics before multiple interviews and was there to talk about them afterwards. Every conversation we had felt more like a friendship than business. She is genuine, honest and has a passion for what she does. She also helped boost my confidence through the entire interview progress. Whatever she is doing, she must be doing it right because I got the job! Thanks Amy for a life changing experience.
    Shawn Ware
    Amy is genuine, honest and has a passion for what she does.
  • I really appreciate Tim for all his handwork and consistency.

    He saw a lot of potential in me which allowed me to apply for a higher position than I had first intended. Although the process wasn't easy he was still very honest and trustworthy. I am very grateful to have received his guidance. I really appreciate Tim for all his handwork and consistency.
  • I want to thank Tim...

    ...for all the time he spent helping me acquire my new career. He has helped by assisting me with redesigning my resume and keeping in contact with me throughout the entire process.  His actions showed that he really cared and wanted the best for me. Thanks again, Dominic Almanza I want to thank Tim