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Kudos to Recruiter Julie Burrell

"Patrice and Associates was recommended to me by a friend who used their services in the past. From the beginning I was impressed with their dedication and commitment to me. My recruiter was Julie Burrell and she was very helpful...

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Tammy Robertson, Franchisee Virginia Beach, VA

Jason Stuart, Franchisee Haverhill MA

Bill Bunch, Franchisee N Kentucky

5 Tips for Getting a JOB!

Five Techniques That Work Hard work does not guarantee success in your job search, but a lack of hard work will guarantee failure. A job search can be most frustrating when you are not getting the results you had anticipated....

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Harvard scientist invents ice cream with a skin – Bloomberg

David Edwards is trying to change the way we take in nutrition.

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Maine lobster: The new Chinese New Year delicacy

Now on the menu in Beijing for Chinese New Year: lots and lots of American lobster.

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Inside the IHOP test kitchen

The family-dining chain shows how it develops its breakfast creations, like its recently introduced Criss-Croissants.

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Marc Forgione’s famous chicken under a brick recipe

New York chef Marc Forgione cooks up the classic recipe his family is known for.

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Hospitality Recruiters are Your Career Coach!

    Doug reached out to me as a stranger; how ever he soon became a close friend to me. From the first phone call he made me feel at ease and very comfortable with him.  He let me know from the beginning that he was there for me in anyway. His insightful nature put me at ease and assisted with our communication so that Doug could build a comprehensive profile and resume that  were the foundation of my job search. As I sit here pondering where to start listing the many talents of Doug it is hard to know where to start.  From the first conversation Doug’s friendly and open personality made it easy to talk to him. During the phone calls Doug  asked probing question that induced detailed answers that enabled him to build a complete picture of me for the client. He was always willing to answer any of my questions and help inspire me to be my best when ever I was at an interview. I really cannot say enough about Doug.  His dedication not only to his client, but also to me, ensure a great fit between us.  I think that is the best word to describe what Doug does the best and that is to ensure that there is a 'fit' between the two of us. His keen sense of understanding of what is needed by his client and 'us' the employee is what makes him an excellent recruiter.  He takes the time to get to know each of us and then he is able to match the best people together. Doug did this with myself and CDS, even the interviewer was surprised how well we fit together. As a result of Doug's hard work and insight I now have my dream job and look forward to a long and eventful career.   Thank you Doug for all you do, we don't say it enough. - Thank  You, Glenn Davis     #1 Hospitality Management Recruitment Agency Hospitality Recruiters are Your Career Coach!
  • Recruiters Can Change Your Life

    Chris Jones was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was professional, prompt, courteous, and did a great job of keeping me informed all throughout the application process. I truly appreciate the opportunity he presented me with and I am looking forward to my new career. I would absolutely recommend Chris and Patrice and Associates to any friend or colleague! -Jessica Nelson   Your Recruitment Coach:  Tips on Writing a Resume that Gets Interviews! Recruiters Can Change Your Life
  • Recruitment Experts are the Best Coaches!

    I would like to thank Patrice & Associates for their dedication in finding me a new career opportunity! I had the pleasure of working with James Schwinghammer and would highly recommend any one looking for a new start to work along side of him finding the perfect fit. He was willing to assist in any resume adjustments or creating a new one, but the most important thing to me was him listening to my interests, concerns and staying dedicated to finding a good fit for me. I was very happy to work with this team and would suggest you can give them a call to start a new adventure! - Joseph Lee   Patrice & Associates can help improve your interviewing skills Recruitment Experts are the Best Coaches!
  • Hospitality Recruitment Works!

    Scott was great to work with. He spent the time with me updating my resume and made the job search easy. Scott kept me up to date with all opportunities and coaching before all interviews. Scott delivered the job for me in 2 weeks which I can't thank him enough for. I highly recommend Scott Meyer for anybody currently looking for a job or thinking about a new job.         Thanks, Scott. - Chris Haven   Your Recruitment Coach:  Common Interview Questions Hospitality Recruitment Works!
  • Hospitality Recruiter Helps Find Me a Job!

    Chris Giles was very helpful throughout this whole process. First he helped me get my resume polished to send off, he was very patient with me during this. I was very busy with my job search and interviews, but he always made sure to follow up if I didn't get something back to him and was always patient with me. Once we had my resume updated he got it sent off and set up my interviews, he was very helpful in coaching me and making sure I was prepared for the interview. Chris was always there to answer any questions I had and touched base frequently as we were waiting to hear back about things certain things. If I hadn't heard back from one of the hiring departments he would contact them and I would hear from them later that day. Now after getting hired and starting the training program he checks in with me weekly to see how things are going and provides a listening ear if I need to vent about anything. He has been very encouraging and has helped me be more confident going through this hiring  process. Thank you Chris!   Charissa Hahn     Have a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist work for you for FREE Hospitality Recruiter Helps Find Me a Job!