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Meet our newest Franchisees of 2017!

Meet our newest Franchisees: We are excited to introduce the newest franchisees joining our team at Patrice and Associates Hospitality Recruiting.  Click on each one to learn even more about them! FaLisa McCannon Territory: West Central Missouri Franchise Owner FaLisa...

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Best Use of Established Relationships in Job Search

Best Use of Established Relationships in Job Search The basis for any successful relationship is the ability to understand the exact expectations of the other person. You may think you asked for help, but that may not be understood by...

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Common Resume/CV Mistakes

The following are common mistakes that could cause your resume | CV to be screened out vs. help you schedule an interview. 1. Resume | CV is a job description that could be used by anyone who worked in the...

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Jobs Report Exceeded Expectations -Hospitality #1!

For the second month in a row, the released a jobs report that exceeded expectations. The new July report, showed a total of 75,000 more jobs than economists were expecting (255,000 vs. 180,000 expected). It further showed that the Hospitality...

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When is the Right Time to Quit your Job?

Be honest with yourself: How many times during your career have you daydreamed about calling a companywide meeting, standing up in front of your colleagues, and recreating this iconic scene? Jumping ship from your current job may seem like a...

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Job Interviewing – It can be difficult to NOT take rejection personally.

It can be difficult to NOT take rejection personally. When you first embark on your job search journey, you are filled with anticipation, enthusiasm and high expectations. If your job search efforts continue over a long period of time, you...

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We Help People Find Jobs!

With the help of Rick Macdonald with Patrice and Associates I am about to embark on a new and exciting career in the restaurant/hospitality industry. The entire recruitment process has been fantastic in so many ways. It started with great communication, commitment,...

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14 Tricks for a Job Interview

You've spent hours writing your cover letter, days perfecting your résumé, and weeks preparing for the interview. But all that hard work can easily go down the drain in just seconds. "How you conduct yourself in the first few minutes...

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Tony Searing – New Franchisee in Upstate New York

Tony was an engineer and worked for General Motors for many years.  He has the reputation as a "turn around" expert.  He enjoys making a difference in peoples lives.  He is on the board of Handicapped International.  He was looking...

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job!

    I would like to say Alan did a great job and was awesome in making me aware and preparing me for the interviews. He answered all my questions and provided perfect advice as well thanks again for all your guidance in my search. -Markus Petty   Your Recruitment Coach:  How to Handle References Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job!
  • Recruiters Are True Life Coaches!

    The best compliment that I can give Brian, is that throughout this whole process, I felt I had a true partner in crime. As I negotiated through what seemed a very long process, he was there every step of the way. I told him he had a beer coming after this was over and I look forward to fulfilling that promise. -Albert Patterson   Your Recruitment Coach:  5 Tips for Maximizing Recruiter Relationships Recruiters Are True Life Coaches!
  • Hospitality Recruitment Changed My Life!

    If it wasn’t for Greg Casper setting up my interview with the DM,  I wouldn’t have the job that I have now, which I love.  When you have a job that you love, your whole day goes by so nicely.  Without this job I wouldn’t have been able to buy my first home!!! I am forever grateful Greg set up the interview and he even kept calling after I got the job to see how things were going. - Lynn Morrison   Let Your Personal Career Coach help you FOR FREE Hospitality Recruitment Changed My Life!
  • Recruiters are true coaches!

    Nick was AWESOME!! He went above and beyond helping with everything! He stayed in contact through out the whole process. I will recommend him to my friends, NICK WAS AWESOME!!!!!! - Tonya Lanham   Your Recruitment Coach:  Professional Interview Dress Tips Recruiters are true coaches!
  • Hospitality Recruiters Will Help You Find Your Dream Job!

    Mike Buterbaugh is a consummate professional and proved to be a valuable resource in my recent job search!  I am extremely happy with what Mike brought to the table, as he assisted me in my job hunt.  I would definitely call Mike (and Patrice & Associates) again if I found myself in the midst of career move, though I truly believe Mike Buterbaugh helped me find my forever dream job, with a great & growing company! Thanks, Mike and Patrice & Associates!  You did a wonderful job! -Dave Long   10 Reasons Why Hospitality Jobs are Great! Hospitality Recruiters Will Help You Find Your Dream Job!