Another Success Story – Abhishek Makkar hired as District Manager with Arbys

About 4 months ago I got in touch with a gentleman named Mike Alderman. He is the Jacksonville, FL franchisee with P&A. Over the phone he asked me a few general questions, getting to know me, both personally &  professionally, and convinced that my resume needed no additional work he promised me he would call back within a few days with additional information on the interview process. And he did! With his positive attitude and speedy service, I never felt the need to contact another employer or a consulting firm to pursue my job hunt. Before we go any further in…

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Steak n Shake, Western Sizzlin detail merger

The sign of our times just keeps getting better with article after article talking about growth in the hospitality industry.  Many concepts are merging to form a stronger organization which is a win for everyone, customers and restaurant employees alike.   Steak n Shake Co. and Western Sizzlin Corp. said Friday they have signed an agreement to merge in a deal worth $38.8 million. The agreement, first announced as a plan in August, must still garner shareholder approval from Western Sizzlin’ and includes a 30-day “go-shop period” where additional acquisition proposals can be entertained, according to filings with federal securities regulators.…

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The $1 Menu Battle Continues and Consumers Win!

Most recently, Burger King entered the $1 burger battle with news that it would roll out a $1 double cheeseburger to all U.S. locations on Oct. 19. A few days later, Jack in the Box unveiled its new Bonus Jack Combo Meal, which features a double-patty cheeseburger along with a small order of fries and a small drink for the suggested price of $3.99. The new offerings will compete with McDonald’s Dollar Menu, which includes the McDouble sandwich, and Wendy’s 99-cent specials, including its Double Stack, as well as the proliferation of premium burgers, like the Big Carl at Carl’s…

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Allergies & Customers

It is often a challenge for people with food allergies to enjoy eating in restaurants.  Whether is it a "quick bite" for lunch or a romantic evening, your experience can be ruined if you have food allergies and are not provided such information from the restaurant.  For example, if you are in an Italian restaurant and are allergic to tomatoes, onion and garlic you may have difficulty ordering a meal. Clearly it doesn't take much to separate a successful dining experience from a negative one, expecially when the sensitive subject of food allergies is involved.  Successfully providing a great dining experience…

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Great News for Chocolate Lovers!

As the summer season officially checks out and the weather is starting to cool off, restaurant managers and chefs say that diners are warming up to rich, decadent chocolate. “It’s a fact that chocolate sells more in the cold months than in the warm months,” says celebrity chocolatier Jacques Torres of Jacques Torres Chocolate, based in New York. “Also, chocolate sells better in New York than in Florida or Los Angeles. People eat more chocolate when it is a bit cooler, and chocolate products like hot chocolate also sell better when it’s colder.” For David Carmichael, executive chef of Gilt,…

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Show Enthusiasm during your Interview

Everyone likes the feeling of being wanted. Show enthusiasm! Don’t appear to be what we in the business call a “shopper” or a “tire kicker”. The “What can you do for me?” approach to interviewing, even in this full-employment economy, gets you a quick exit to the front door. (Sometimes the back door, if you’re particularly offensive). Always make certain that the company with which you are interviewing feels like they are your first choice, no matter what other companies are involved in your job search. Be certain you have researched their website, have recently eaten in their restaurant and…

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Jobs for Restaurant Managers week ending 9/11/09

Check the Job Openings on our website for a complete listing of the 237 newest positions that became available this week. Casual dining restaurant manager needed in Palm Bay FL for large local concept. Major national corporate chains needs senior level casual dining restaurant managers in Indianapolis, In; Taunton and North Attleboro, MA. Huge national fast food chain needs Area Supervisors  throughout NNJ, Eastern PA and CT. Base salary to $75K, plus car allowance, laptop, cell phone and bonus. Seafood casual concept needs restaurant manager in Durham, NC and South Lake TX. Corporate casual restaurant chains needs restaurant managers in…

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More Consumers Plan to Increase Restaurant Spending

  Despite another jump in the national unemployment rate and conflicting economic indicators released last month, a new survey shows that consumers' plans to spend at restaurants are only improving as confidence in the economy grows.   Looking out over the next 90 days, 16 percent of respondents said they planned to spend more on dining out, up from the 13 percent in May and just 8 percent in February who responded similarly. A reduced 33 percent of respondents said they planned to spend less on dining out during the next 90 days, down from 39 percent in May and 50…

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Preparing for the Interview

Your recruiter can help you with many aspects of preparing for your management interview. As restaurant management recruiters we know the requirements of each position, the interview process you can expect, and we are there to coach and provide you feedback throughout the process. When preparing for an interview, you want to thoroughly discuss the position and company with your recruiter. Investigate the corporate website to be familiar with the opportunities available for growth. If you are required to test or apply on-line, make sure you thoroughly read and understand all instructions. Allow yourself plenty of time in a quiet…

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Jobs for Restaurant Managers Week Ending 9/6/09

Check the Job Openings on our website for a complete listing of the 124 newest positions that became available this week. Assistant restaurant manager needed in Huntsville, TX for full service corporate chain. Salary to $60K. Casual dining restaurant assistant manager needed in Manassas, VA. Salary to $50K. 2 assistant restaurant managers needed in Kerrville, TX for buffet concept. Salary to $60K. Restaurant manager needed for southwest concept in Bellefontaine, OH. Salary to $40K. Casual dining restaurant manager needed in popular new concept in Richmond, VA. Salary to $45K. Largest casual dining concept needs restaurant managers in Birmingham and Huntsville,…

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • I felt that Tim was genuinely interested in my career aspirations.

    I am writing to express my gratitude to the Patrice & Associates consultant Tim Keith, who assisted me to successfully secure the role of  Restaurant floating manager.  I especially appreciated his fast response, transparent communication, and coordination in a timely and efficient manner.  Tim was also meticulous in explaining the role to me which I felt was important to have that initial assessment.  He was also prompt in checking with the client on my inquiries and showed lots of initiative with following up after each session.  I never second guessed my status.   Lastly, with so many recruitment agencies around, Tim demonstrated that he could be trusted and respected and with that he achieved this for Patrice & Associates.         Thank You! Cherise Goodman I felt that Tim was genuinely interested in my career aspirations
  • A BIG THANK YOU to Jay! 

    I was contacted a while back by Jay Gray on multiple occasions regarding possible positions in my field.  I was not yet ready to make a change but recently I reached out to him regarding a big move out of state.  He was a big supporter and was able to find a position literally the following day.  I interviewed and within a few days I was offered the position!  I wanted to express my gratitude for the interest he took in me and the constant communication.  He ensured I was well taken care of and that I was happy with the decisions I was making.  He is a great asset to your team.                 Sincerely, Madelin Vargas  A BIG THANK YOU to Jay!
  • She was very resourceful and extremely personable and friendly!

    I would love to send a huge thank you to Corina Mack for her assistance and guidance throughout this entire process.  It truly makes a difference in your search when you can partner with someone who is focused on helping you secure a position that aligns with your goals!  I appreciate Corina’s willingness to go above and beyond every step of the way from the application process through the onboarding.                     Thank you again, Tamarrah Jefferson She was very resourceful and extremely personable and friendly! 
  • Jonathan was simply amazing! 

    He spent the time with me to understand my career and also my goals.  We quickly developed a friendship and a thorough understanding of each other.  He quickly became interested in what was the perfect fit for me as the Executive Chef.  Jonathan understands that upward development and future growth within the company are equally as important to me rather than simply finding a position.  He was also diligently following up with me over the past month to check in and ensure my happiness in position. I couldn't be happier with Jonathan and would highly recommend him for any future candidates as he is simply the best recruiter that I have worked with in my 30 year career.
    Thank you Jonathan! Always my best!
    Best Regards,
    Patrick Desmond
    Jonathan was simply amazing!
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    I was first contacted by Duke Witte on May 25th, 2021 for a career opportunity in Omaha, NE.  The next day he rewrote my resume and sent it to the company.  They called by weeks end and set up an interview for June 1st, 2021.  I then had a follow up interview with the owner and managers and by June 4th, 2021 I had a job offer to start work June 14th.  I accepted the job offer and had it not been for Mr. Witte I never would have known the position even existed.  Not only was I presented with an amazing career opportunity that fit perfectly with my education and work experience, but I was given an opportunity to work for an amazing company that is family owned has a lengthy history of taking care of its employees.  Had Mr. Witte not reached out to me I would more than likely still be scouring the web for jobs with nothing to show for it.  Prior to my initial phone call I had applied for no less than 50 jobs in the month of May and I am forever grateful for what has been done for me.  Mr. Witte found me a career with a job offer in 10 days with better pay, better hours, better benefits, better people, better location, better work life balance and an overall better sense of well-being, purpose and quality of life.  If there is anything I can ever do in the future I would be more than happy to oblige.


    Michael Morris

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart