Client Testimonials

Greg went above and beyond... helping me have the right tools and information I needed to wow my new employer. He instilled confidence in me by preparing me for conversations and topics I would have never thought about without his help. He is a great guy with excellent morals and honestly cares for the people he assists in getting a job. Dylan Painter Greg went above and beyond

I really enjoyed working with Delanie on my job search.

She initially started off by getting to know my professional experience, to ensure we could present myself to any future employers in the best way possible, which I really appreciated. She also took the time to learn about what kind of opportunities I'd be interested in, to not only help me get just a "job" but to find a great career for myself. Whenever a job opportunity came up, Delanie was fantastic about preparing me for the interviews, and was available throughout the experience if I had any questions, comments or concerns. When I was offered a position, she helped make sure that everything was properly squared away, so that I wouldn't have any apprehension with starting a new position with a new company. Overall, it was a fantastic and rewarding experience to work with Delanie, I feel very grateful that I was able to work with her! Ruth Rosenblatt I really enjoyed working with Delanie on my job search.

Thanks Ed!

Ed was amazing from start to finish in the process. Gave me a very knowledgeable and accurate description of what to expect in the interview process and timetable of the process. Couldn't have asked for a better guide through the process.
David Gildart
Thanks Ed!

Truly a wonderful experience!

Russell Doyle help me with finding not just a job but a job to better help me and my family. He put together a resume and gathered my reference and put it all together. He made sure to give updates on the whole process. He was very personable and worked around my schedule. He got me ready for the interview process by prepping me with questions and how to answer them. All he asked for was updates after interviews! Truly a wonderful experience!
If I could sum up my experience with Patrice & Associates it would be “efficient yet thorough”. After the initial interview with my recruiter, Eric, he gave me so much information about the particular company I was going for and even offered resources to be successful for my second interview with Human Resources. Next thing I know I was at an on-site interview with the General Manager & Area Leader where I was offered a full time management position with competitive pay & extensive benefits. Thank you Eric, not only for getting the hiring process going but acting as a mentor during the entire journey. Nicolette Reed Thank you Eric!