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Hospitality Recruitment for a GREAT Client!

I wanted to share both a picture and account of my visit to the Bavarian Inn this past weekend- my BEST client- and partner- Imelda Leix.

I’ll try to keep this brief- but the short story is that when corporate called and asked me to take on Bavarian Inn as a client, I was excited as this is a hotel that holds a deep meaning for my family – having gone there as a child with my parents- and then bringing my own children when they were little and now. We’ve always enjoyed everything about the Bavarian Inn and Frankenmuth.

So as I began working with Imelda and team, I already had a passion for helping find the best possible people for her and the Inn, and as we fast forward through our working relationship, it goes without saying that Imelda has been the most communicative partner regarding the candidates we’ve worked through of any client I work with. Based on the foundation of that communication, we’ve worked together to help 3 candidates get hired at the Bavarian Inn over the past several months, all 3 of whom I got the opportunity to personally speak with and hear about the their positive experiences so far working for Bavarian Inn the past couple of days.

Also over the weekend I was given a tour of the entire facility and holdings so I could better understand the scope of their needs and reach, as well as hear about the characteristics and caliber of the people that work for them- much like Imelda, who has worked for the Bavarian Inn for 40 years!

Really just wanted to share this  because I'm in a grateful and committed state of mind to help amazing clients like Imelda and Bavarian Inn!

Doug Lockwood Grand Rapids Franchisee

Hospitality Recruitment for a GREAT Client!
My name is Michael Grass and a month ago I was out of work and looking to work in the restaurant industry.   I have 35+ years experience in that field, but was not finding a lot of openings for my services.     I submitted my resume to Patrice and Associates Hospitality Recruiting and was contacted by a recruiter named Ian. I cannot say enough good things about Ian and the work he put in on my behalf.  He was able to get me an interview and ultimately a job at On The Border.   Before I was hired he had helped me set up my resume in a very professional looking way.  He coached me on the way On the Border viewed their candidates, the types of questions they could ask and although I am ultimately selling my own services to any interviewer, the amount of work he put in behind the scenes speaks very highly to Ian. I owe Ian a tremendous gratitude of thanks for all of the work he and Patrice and Associates for their recruitment efforts and for that I am forever grateful.   Thank You, Michael Grass     I am forever grateful for the recruitment efforts of Patrice & Associates
Firstly, I want to let you know my job search was not successful until I started working with my recruiter, FaLisa. Until then, my resume was not getting in right persons hands when I would apply online or in person (I was applying for upper restaurant management). FaLisa was on the ball, answered her phone/emails at all times and I can't thank her enough for getting me interviews that led me to landing a very exciting opportunity! Thanks to FaLisa for her recruitment efforts that changed my life. Thank you, Bailey Kapci Thanks to FaLisa for her recruitment efforts that changed my life.
Nicole, inTom Schmitt's office,  truly made the application and interview process very easy. Nicole was with me every step of the way, kept me  very focused on moving forward as well as gave me uplifting words daily. I can truly say that Nicole's guidance help me land the position I was going after!   Jennifer Reed
Thank you Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruitment - Helena was great.  She did all the leg work and reworked my resume to emphasize my strengths and achievements.  She put me and my family in a better place and I can't thank her enough. Yours gratefully, Mark Courtney She put me and my family in a better place and I can't thank her enough.