Client Testimonials

I have been nothing but completely happy with Jonathan Litt

Jonathan Litt has been absolutely amazing during the process of getting me hired for a new position. I’ve been in hospitality for many years, as a Director of Finance in hotels. The last year and a half has been quite difficult, even for those of us who remained employed during the pandemic. After a year of running a department alone due to property wide layoffs, a stressful transition (brand and management company), working crazy hours, along with a 20% paycut for 9 months, I started feeling very overwhelmed and drained. I told myself it might be time for a change and I was going to let the universe help me. And, it happened! Jonathan Litt found my resume and reached out to me inquiring if I was interested in a Finance Manager position, in the Food world. And, I thought that it was worth speaking to him.
Immediately, I felt this position might be a great fit for me. From the very first email, and texts, he was amazing. He is so professional and helpful, down to helping with revising my resume to point out things I hadn’t even thought of, to helping with getting prepared for the interview. I’m so confident in my abilities but always hated interviews because you never remember the things you want to explain or the right questions to ask. I also find it to be amazing that he reaches out via text because we all know how much easier texting can be these days when you’re in meetings and/or have deadlines and cannot always hop on a call. I was offered the position and start in 2 weeks and I’m so excited! I’m grateful that I can stay in finance, while taking a chance in a new direction, albeit still in hospitality, and will finally have a better work/life balance.
I would absolutely recommend Jonathan Litt not only for anyone seeking a new role or for companies seeking the next “right fit” for their business. I look forward to keeping Jonathan in my circle of contacts.
Erica Garner
I have been nothing but completely happy with Jonathan Litt

Tom Bass You are amazing thank you so much! 

Thank you so much for finding me the perfect job along with a great salary!  Tom listened to what I wanted and gave me great advice. Within a day of our first interview, Tom put me forward for an interview. Throughout the whole process he supported me, called me to see how each stage of the interview went and was prompt in following up. Within three days I had a job offer.  Tom you are professional, and amazing !   Thank you so much, Tom Bass!


-Deborah Hough

Tom Bass You are amazing, thank you so much!

Clint Carpenter was fantastic! 

Clint was great with answering any questions I had, also providing words and tools to help with my interview process etc. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and has great communication skills.
He truly is an asset to your team!
Thank you,
Sabrina Woodard
Clint Carpenter was fantastic!

Thank you Tim Keith!

Tim Keith is very nice and helped me find a great job. He coached me and prepared me for the interview down to the last detail.  He would always stay on top and follow up after each interview. Thank you, Tim for helping me start my new career!     -Chau Nguyen Thank you Tim Keith!

Michael Kunkle helped me out so much!

I will forever be grateful for him! He sent my resume out and had interviews set up for me the very next morning. I am so excited for this career move and I owe it to him!     -Hailey Morton Michael Kunkle helped me out so much!