Client Testimonials

“Finding job is always a long and complicated process for any professional, especially when you are trying to make a big career move. Fortunately, I found Patrice & Associates to assist me in this process. I worked with Ian Dietrich throughout this process and he was always there with all the necessary information and it helped me a ton. My entire experience with Ian Dietrich was that he was very transparent and always supportive. I would really recommend Patrice and Associates, Ian Dietrich to anyone searching for a hospitality job.”   Thank you, Abhishek Pandya I would really recommend Patrice and Associates, Ian Dietrich to anyone searching for a hospitality job.
Margo is the combination of Consistency and Awe-inspiring Impact in human form. Margo took me on as a client and to be quite honest I cannot remember a time in my life where I felt more coached and prepared for what was ahead of me. From the very beginning she was extremely clear and concise on what the role entailed and the demands that should be met. From pre-interview and post interview phone calls, to texts and emails she never skipped a beat. Not once!!! Not only did I have the best recruiter in NYC, I had a life coach. The type of coaching Margo does cannot be taught, she is the very best that there is. Her advice was direct, honest and unwavering. Her emails and plans of action were thorough with no room for misunderstanding. Her uncanny ability to isolate your strengths and have YOU build on them has you asking yourself "who knew I was this awesome?"!! As I have progressed into my new role, Margo has been there every step of the way, as I stated before the consistency is unmatched. I am forever grateful for the part she has played in my career growth. I truly believe I will continue to work with Margo as I move forward in regard to any major career decisions. More importantly she establishes a trust between herself and her client that is needed the most when one is in the midst of a major transition. With Margo on your team, I assure you that you will have no other choice but to level up and succeed. Cherri Parks-Taylor, Senior Guest Service Manager at Club Quarters Hotels   Margo goes the extra mile for Employers & Job Seekers!
After weeks of applying to positions, I found Ty Clifton's posting and heard back from him in less than a day. Ty went above and beyond to make sure I understood exactly what the position and company were about and most importantly, how I could make the best first impression. After providing great insight and advice on interviewing, I felt confident to show off my skills and received an offer! Not only was Ty's professionalism exceptional, but his commitment to making sure I was comfortable with every step of the process was amazing. I cannot thank Ty enough for his help and for placing me with this great company and team! Tiffany Meehan   Ty helps Tiffany get a job!
I have an amazing job as assistant chef manager for a high volume scratch kitchen doing what I love and I have Mike to thank for that. His professionalism and helping me every step of the way as well as putting me in the right position and in touch with the right people got me where I needed to be. I was actually on the verge of accepting another job until meeting with my present company. I couldn’t be more excited or thankful. Jordan Salsbury   Mike Buterbaugh, a top recruiter working with George & Sue Wooten, VA Regional Developers, helps Jordan get a job!
I want to say thank you to Lilliam, without her help I wouldn't of been able to land this great job and opportunity. She sought out the best job that fix my job set and skills. I'm very grateful and excited about working with Romano's Macaroni. Thank you very much. Stanley Edouard Lilliam, a top performing recruiter in the Miami office, helps Stanley find a job!