Restaurant Turnover and Recruitment Challenges are Here to Stay!

I have been in the hospitality recruitment business for 30 years (and will now stop counting!) and every year I hear that hospitality recruiting agencies will no longer be needed.  The goal has always been for restaurants to find their own staff and as Staffing Partner to my clients we help with that goal.  But the stark reality that restaurant turnover and recruitment challenges are here to stay!

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Pizza Hut Starts Delivering BEER with your pizza!

Consumers are more and more all about convenience and speed of service.  Restaurants that don't offer in-home delivery on their own or through GrubHub, UberEats and others are losing market share.  The Pizza industry is #1 for "dine at home" options and now Pizza Hut steps out to be the leader once again.

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Top 10 Restaurant Trends in 2018

Each year it seems like the restaurant industry reinvents itself on some level.  It's been interesting to watch this year.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Promotes Jammin’ Jalepeno with a funny ad

Funny ad - even the way restaurants are advertising these days is changing.

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Q3 Workforce Index reveals sustained recruiting, turnover challenges in restaurants

Recruiting remains a challenge for restaurants, and the third-quarter People Report Workforce Index registers how wide and deep the difficulty is.

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Teens have been the focus for decades

If you think Baby Boomers are square, think again. The generation that came of age in the 1960s and ’70s were self-aware enough to work en masse to effect change, and they were arguably the first group of teenagers that were directly marketed to.

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How Organizations Are Harnessing The Wisdom Of Baby Boomers To Combat Skills Shortages

Some organizations are attempting to retain access to this knowledge and experience by setting up alumni networks. One of the most well-known alumni networks is YourEncore, which was set up in 2003 by Procter & Gamble and Eli Lilly to enable them to tap into the wisdom of older employees who still wanted to offer their experience without working full-time hours.

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Is your restaurant ‘all in’ on hospitality?

Hospitality can mean many things, but it does not have to mean expensive. It does not have to mean white tablecloths or a fancy wine list. Those things can be great, sure, but they aren’t hospitality.

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How your brand can tackle unconscious bias

Starbucks. Papa John’s. The Spotted Pig. In the last year, restaurants large and small have made headlines over race and harassment issues, leaving operators to grapple with how to create inclusive company cultures while also preparing themselves to respond if an incident occurs.

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5 emerging brands reveal secrets to success

Instagrammable merchandising. Hyper-focused menu. Sexy vegetables. Gorgeous food. Authenticity. These are the individual attributes of this year’s Hot Concepts Award winners, who were recognized during this week’s MUFSO conference. Leaders from each emerging brand told industry executives why their concepts have resonated with consumers. These are the individual attributes of this year’s Hot Concepts Award winners, who were recognized during this week’s MUFSO conference. Leaders from each emerging brand told industry executives why their concepts have resonated with consumers.

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  •  Hez was nothing short of awesome!

    Hezekiah Butler helped me find a great company to work for.  It is a perfect fit for me and provides tremendous growth.  He is professional, resilient, committed in finding the right job and always available for questions that might come up in the hiring process.  I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a new career.              

    James Anderson

    Hez was nothing short of awesome!
  • Where Do You Want Your Career to Go Next - Hire a Career Coach - Patrice & AssociatesEd Carroll was wonderful!!

    He reached out to me via social media regarding an opportunity that he thought I'd be a perfect fit for.  He walked me through the entire process and continuously checked-in with me through the hiring process.  He sent me tips and tricks to get prepared for my interview and provided a detailed description of the job.  I wasn't looking for a new position, but I couldn't let this incredible opportunity slip away.  After several interviews, I received and accepted my job offer.  Ed was kind, personable, and kept me informed through the entire process.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a new opportunity! Thank you so much!    



    Ed Carroll was wonderful!!
  • To say that Scott Meyer was helpful would be an understatement. 

    Scott is “God sent.”  He NEVER promised me a job/career.  Rather he gained my trust from our very first telephone interaction, and if you keep an open mind and PRACTICE all of the pointers that Scott gives you, then the interview process will be “a piece of cake!”   This was my very first time working with a job recruiter, and Scott made my experience exceptional!! 


    Venecia Long

    To say that Scott Meyer was helpful would be an understatement
  • David Kohlasch was amazing to work with!

    He is a highly professional recruiter who perfectly identified my expectations. He has been a great support throughout the hiring process by offering efficient communication and relevant advice. I truly appreciate the work he has done and would recommend him to anyone.    

    Thank you again,


    David Kohlasch was amazing to work with!
  • I would personally love to thank Matt Lopez!

    Matt provided all of the help, not only helping me secure a position with a great company but helping me with any concerns and questions I may have had.  Matt was really easy going and really relatable and honestly just made things easy. I loved the experience and wanted to thank him for the amazing help and support and overall guidance into my new position.        

    Thanks Matt Lopez!

    Matt Brundage

    I would personally love to thank Matt Lopez!