Note from Your Career Advisor

Spring is in the air! In less than two months, the job market will be flooded with recent college graduates. You may be the college student yourself or maybe you have gone back to school to enhance your credentials. If not, you may be facing additional competition in your job search.

Take time in the next week to:

  • Organize your job search records
  • Re-contact every employer who received your resume
  • Re-contact every hiring authority who interviewed you
  • Reach out to your personal and professional network
  • Consider additional job targets where you skills could be transferable

There are also seasonal job opportunities that become available during summer months. If you are not working, this would provide you with current experience and the ability to network with co-workers as well as customers of your employer. Do not discount the value of seasonal employment. You may have to take a step back in income, but you could learn new skills that may enhance your resume. The greatest benefit is current experience listed on your resume. If you want better results, now is time to Spring into Action with your job search!


What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Ed Liedke is amazing to work with! 

    He asked questions about my career preferences to find me the best opportunity out there.  Ed Leidke provided the best practices to guide me through the hiring process and nail the interviews.  I would definitely encourage others to utilize his expertise to find the career of their dreams.              

    Thank you Ed!


    Ed Liedke is amazing to work with! 
  • Ed Carroll was an absolute JOY to work with! 

    Our initial call was extremely casual which made me so much more comfortable talking with him.  He stayed in touch and updated me for every step of the hiring process.  He placed me with a company that is a great fit for both parties.  I could not have asked for a better experience!      

    Thank you, Ed and Patrice and Associates!

    Beyond Thankful,

    Rebecca M.

    Ed Carroll was an absolute JOY to work with!
  • Jobs & Recruitment News - Patrice & AssociatesPradnya Kulkarni was a pleasure to work with 

    She was very patient with me and always very informative.  She always seemed to be in great spirits when I talked to her on the phone witch encouraged me to keep going.  She did such an awesome job!  Highly recommend.


    Many thanks,

    Henry T.

    Pradnya Kulkarni was a pleasure to work with
  • Working along with Carlie Knauer was a pleasure! 

    Carlie was always very helpful in assisting with finding my new current job! She is a hard working professional that maintained contact with me throughout the entire process and provided me great guidance all together.  Thank you, Carlie!    

    Kind regards, Isabella

  • Bruce Leininger is TOP NOTCH! 

    He is nothing short of a true asset to Patrice & Associates!  Your company should clone him!!    

    Thank you

    Dave Morrison

    Bruce Leininger is TOP NOTCH!