Your next Operations hire can be a GREAT hire when you choose Patrice & Associates.

Operations pros keep the company humming and customers happy. Well, let’s say GREAT operations pros do that. The kind who will join your team when you hire us for the task! That’s right, those all-star operations managers, VPs, and C-suite executives may already be in our sights. All you have to do is say yes to a search. Whether you’re looking locally, regionally, or in the US and Canada, we’ve got you covered. And in a variety of industries, including food service, restaurant, hospitality, consumer products, aviation, health & beauty, financial services, and many more. This is our thing! And through decades of relationships with companies of all sizes, those connections are your biggest hiring asset. Why? Because relationships matter. When we call, people answer. Skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic—let us hit the phones and find the GREATNESS you need.

Finding someone to hire is easy. Finding someone that matches your requirements and is a fit culturally, that’s not so easy.

Unless you work with Patrice and allow us to do the hard work for you. All we need from you are the basics, including job skills, degrees, and accreditation requirements. Then, tell us about the intangible qualities that would make a GREAT match. Getting to know you, your company, and your needs is part of the process. Your Patrice Pro is highly experienced, so let us help you develop job descriptions, consult on hiring strategy, and offer up industry hiring trends in your area, the US and Canada.

Need a local job filled? One in a city far, far away? No problem!

Your local Patrice Pro in your own backyard will find the perfect match in your local market or elsewhere. And if you are working on staffing for multiple locations, you’ll love how we work. One Patrice Pro can handle it all with no territory restrictions. It’s no problem. It’s how we work all the time!

Enjoy the benefits of our extensive reach and countless connections.

Relationships are everything, and no other company has forged more of them than Patrice. Particularly in restaurants and hospitality and all the industries that support it. Those companies comprise much of the Fortune 500 and represent tens of thousands of top firms. Over 700,000 exceptional candidates, including operations professionals in those companies, will answer our opportunity calls. Beyond that, count on your Patrice Pro to make the necessary cold calls to find those specific top performers who will make the grade. And by the way, there’s no posting your job order online and hoping a rock star will call us. It doesn’t work that way, at least not with Patrice. We’re ready to hit the phones and find you a GREAT Operations pro!


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Vicki Gladson is always prompt, professional and honest.  This is my second time using Patrice and Associates as a recruiting agency.  I have developed a rapport with Vicki and I have confidence in her abilities to find the right job opportunity for me.  As my career goals have taken a different direction, Vicki was there to help navigate me through process of finding a great job with the upward advancement opportunities.

Thank you Vicki, Charla
Hospitality Recruiting at it's finest!

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