Ready for a rewarding career challenge? Yes? No? Not sure? You may as well find out!

It’s easy to get comfortable in a job. Even easier to find yourself advancing slower than you hoped. Have you ever dreamed of leading an in-store team or multiple locations in a region? Have you been patiently waiting for that director or VP post? Well, if you’ve thought about it, then let’s explore the options.

It costs you nothing ever, so why not check out the possibilities?

Patrice & Associates career coaches in your city are all too happy to meet an ambitious rock star like you. We’ll ask about your background and your current job, give you resume guidance and prep you for interviews. But what we care about most is how you define GREAT and what you want for your retail career. Your next challenge. Your next dream. Thousands of positions are open right now, and more cross our desks every day in the US and Canada. Your dream job may be on one of our recruiters’ desks right now!

Get a head start on your next position in a new city without the travel expenses.

When you contact your local Patrice recruiting office or the office in your destination city, your career coach will help you explore your options across the US and Canada right from your hometown. No airfare required! Big, small, or something in between, thousands of retail companies trust Patrice to find their GREAT managerial-level team members. It may be you.

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Here’s a GREAT idea...
Have you ever thought about working for yourself?

That option is available to you as a Patrice & Associates Franchisee. You can live where you want, work from home and take the skills you’ve learned and apply them to a business to call your own. Startup costs are minimal, and financing is available. Why not check it out?

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Vicki Gladson is always prompt, professional and honest.  This is my second time using Patrice and Associates as a recruiting agency.  I have developed a rapport with Vicki and I have confidence in her abilities to find the right job opportunity for me.  As my career goals have taken a different direction, Vicki was there to help navigate me through process of finding a great job with the upward advancement opportunities.

Thank you Vicki, Charla
Hospitality Recruiting at it's finest!

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