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Why stand in the way of GREATNESS? Work with Patrice & Associates and hire that team member who will elevate your business.

Health & Beauty is all about the experience. That takes GREAT people, which takes consistent hiring practices. That’s where Patrice can help. From managerial, professional, and customer service positions in salons, studios, and spas to corporate management, VP, and executive placement in district, regional, and corporate offices, Patrice is the experienced pro you need. Our experience is your experience, and we have a lot of it. Positions like operations, customer service, learning, HR, procurement, marketing, finance, IT, sales, and more in Health & Beauty brand concepts are among the staffing projects we love. If you want the right blend of skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic, you’ll have it when you work with us.

Finding the right culture connection to deliver the brand experience is not asking too much.

Culture and brand are connected, and so is the experience you deliver in your products and services. They are crucial to wellness brands. Let’s get those unique qualities you’re seeking into a job requisition and get to work finding that GREAT hire. Need some hiring strategy guidance? Help interpreting the labor market? Just ask. Expert consulting is part of the service you get when you choose Patrice.

Looking for team members beyond your local city or in multiple locations?

Look no further than your Patrice Pro, your one point of contact for your hiring needs in North America. Forget different staffing companies in every market. That’s a recipe for brand inconsistency and a lot of unnecessary work! Instead, make one call, and your Patrice Pro can handle all your hiring needs with no territory restrictions. If genius is in keeping things simple, we must be geniuses!

Hit the ground running with our extensive network of contacts.

Partner with Patrice, and you get instant access to our North American database of over 700,000 exceptional candidates who are at our fingertips, or should we say your fingertips. Often the search starts there, where we vet qualified candidates based on your hiring needs. But we don’t stop there. Your Patrice Pro will make the calls you can’t make to find the top talent working in competing brands. No online job posting for us. Instead, we’re proactive, finding and screening candidates and then presenting the best of the best to you. Ready… set… go!


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Vicki Gladson is always prompt, professional and honest.  This is my second time using Patrice and Associates as a recruiting agency.  I have developed a rapport with Vicki and I have confidence in her abilities to find the right job opportunity for me.  As my career goals have taken a different direction, Vicki was there to help navigate me through process of finding a great job with the upward advancement opportunities.

Thank you Vicki, Charla
Hospitality Recruiting at it's finest!

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