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Finding leadership for your food service organization just got easier.

Food service is one of our specialties, so when you partner with Patrice & Associates, you get the benefit of our decades of expertise. You also get our network of expert recruiters who will find a GREAT team member for you fast. Whether your need is for operations and food service managers on-site or corporate management, including sales, VP, and executive placement in district, regional, and corporate offices, Patrice has been serving food service brands, including grocery stores, convenience stores, stadiums, airport concourses, along with hospitals, assisted living facilities, and more. Plus, the biggest suppliers in food service are clients too. Truly, no matter the department, we’ve staffed it. That goes for operations, customer service, culinary, learning, HR, procurement, marketing, finance, IT, and sales. Those are just a few. The key is finding people with the right blend of skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic that fit your company and culture.

Looking for a food service hiring match is no longer a shot in the dark.

When you put Patrice on your staffing project, you’ve tapped into a hiring process that delivers quality candidates quickly. Yes, we know that in the food service business, time is of the essence! Of course, you can tell us about the position and your vision for the perfect candidate. But many of our client companies are happy to get our guidance. That’s part of our service to you. Let us help you write your job descriptions, weigh in on hiring strategy and provide insights into the labor market. That’s what we mean by partner!

Are you a regional, national, or international brand? You’ve found the perfect staffing and recruiting fit.

Forget the hassle of multiple recruiters in multiple cities. You don’t have time for that. When you partner with us, you make one call to your local recruiting office, where your very own Patrice Pro will find those ideal candidates—no matter how many you need or for how many locations—across the US and Canada. Isn’t it a relief to know that multiple recruiters and territory restrictions are not part of the process? One call, that’s all it takes!

Our pipeline of top performers is ready and waiting.

Over 700,000 exceptional candidates, many in food service, are on our radar, and one of them might just be the person you’re looking for. In addition, our recruiters constantly call competitors to find the perfect match who will be a fit with your brand. Until that happens, we don’t rest! Your job order is filled through relationships, not by posting it online and hoping for the best. Let us do the legwork to find, screen, and present the top talent you deserve!


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Vicki Gladson is always prompt, professional and honest.  This is my second time using Patrice and Associates as a recruiting agency.  I have developed a rapport with Vicki and I have confidence in her abilities to find the right job opportunity for me.  As my career goals have taken a different direction, Vicki was there to help navigate me through process of finding a great job with the upward advancement opportunities.

Thank you Vicki, Charla
Hospitality Recruiting at it's finest!

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