Looking for numbers people? Look no further.

When it’s all about numbers, risk, and the people who manage it, Patrice & Associates is no risk at all. Let us seek and find you a GREAT financial professional, manager, or executive. Your local, regional, and corporate financial staffing needs are what we do. And in diverse industries, including food service, restaurant, hospitality, consumer products, aviation, health & beauty, financial services, and many more. We’ve been doing it for decades. No matter the industry, our connections are your connections, and our relationships are your relationships. The perfect mix of skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic—you ask, and we’ll deliver.

Your culture and finding the financial pro that fits is a top priority.

Your company culture is part of what makes you successful. Tell us about the qualities that, beyond job skills, degrees, and accreditations, would make a GREAT match. Learning about your company and your needs is part of the process, so if you need our guidance, you’ll have it. From an experienced Patrice Pro. Let us help you develop job descriptions, consult on hiring strategy, and offer up industry hiring trends in your area, in the US and Canada.

Local presence and national strength work in your favor.

Contact your local recruiting office, and your very own Patrice Pro will find the perfect match in your local market or elsewhere. And if you are working on staffing for multiple locations, you’ll love how we work. One Patrice Pro can handle it all with no territory restrictions. Did we say, “Easy?”

Your next great hire might already be in our network.

No other company has more connections and relationships than Patrice. Especially in restaurant and hospitality and all the industry that supports it. That’s much of the Fortune 500. Over 700,000 exceptional candidates, including financial professionals, await. That’s one source, but our recruiters make the cold call it takes to find the numbers person who will measure up to your ideal. Post your job order online and hope for the best. No way! Let the competition work that way. Ready to meet the top candidates for your open position? Just say when!


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Vicki Gladson is always prompt, professional and honest.  This is my second time using Patrice and Associates as a recruiting agency.  I have developed a rapport with Vicki and I have confidence in her abilities to find the right job opportunity for me.  As my career goals have taken a different direction, Vicki was there to help navigate me through process of finding a great job with the upward advancement opportunities.

Thank you Vicki, Charla
Hospitality Recruiting at it's finest!

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