That restaurant leadership position you dream about is a click or a phone call away.

Maybe it’s time to see what’s available that matches your experience and career goals. Maybe it’s time to make a move and move up in your career at the same time. That’s often how it works. Let’s explore the possibilities together. Whether you’re taking the next step in your management or culinary career, we’ve got you covered. That goes for fast casual, fast food, casual dining, fine dining, or family dining brands that you might be working in right now. And with all the job openings currently, your dream job might be waiting for you. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll help you get there.

Did you know you could have a career coach for life… for FREE?

No kidding, and no hidden fees. You can get professional career guidance from an experienced Patrice & Associates career coach who will learn about you, your dreams, and your skills. We’re always looking for fantastic people with positive attitudes, strong work ethics, and ambition. You’ll even get resume guidance and interview prep! Let us get to know you and what you want from your career. How do you define GREAT? Thousands of positions in the US and Canada are open, and we’re searching for the right fit. Could it be you? Let’s find out!

Moving to a new city is as easy as calling your local recruiting office?

Let our connections be your connections. Your local Patrice recruiting office career coach can help you take your career across the state or across the continent. There’s no better way to be prepared to live, work and thrive in a new city. Why do all the work by yourself? Let’s work together. Let’s get you to next!

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Here’s a GREAT idea...
Have you ever thought about working for yourself?

That option is available to you as a Patrice & Associates Franchisee. You can live where you want, work from home and take the skills you’ve learned and apply them to a business to call your own. Startup costs are minimal, and financing is available. Why not check it out?

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Bruce was a great help in assisting me through the process!  I haven’t been through the interview process in 23 years, and Bruce made me feel comfortable and assisted me through every step of the process!

Thank you Bruce at Patrice & Associates! Dominique Roberts

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