When you’re seeking your next entertainment pro who knows how to create experiences, Patrice & Associates is your source.

Entertainment venues and creating experiences go hand in hand. Focused hiring practices are the key to making sure customers love every minute they spend with you and your brand. Let Patrice be your partner. From managerial, professional, and customer service positions in parks, theaters, and other entertainment venues, to corporate management, VP, and executive placement in corporate offices, Patrice is the experienced pro you need. Entertainment is a natural for us, a firm that specializes in hospitality. Positions like operations, customer service, learning, HR, procurement, marketing, finance, IT, sales, and more are among the staffing projects we love. In the entertainment business, you need enthusiasm, energy, skills, experience, and work ethic, and we can find that match.

Let’s get you the culture fit you require to deliver brand consistency with every customer.

Culture and brand are connected, and so is the experience you deliver at your venues. That’s what entertainment brands are all about. Let’s harness those qualities and get busy finding that GREAT team member. Looking for hiring strategy guidance? Curious about the labor market and its impact? Just ask. That and more is part of the service you get when you choose Patrice.

Seeking to hire outside your local city or in multiple locations?

Look no further than your Patrice Pro, your one point of contact for your hiring needs in North America. There’s no need for the complication of hiring different staffing companies in every market. That’s how brand experience inconsistencies happen. And it’s a ton of work you don’t have time for! Instead, call your Patrice Pro, who will handle all your hiring needs with no territory restrictions.

Lights, camera, action. Our contacts get the show started fast.

Get instant access to our North American database of over 700,000 top-tier candidates. Often your search starts there, but that’s not where it ends. Your Patrice Pro will make the calls you can’t make to find the top talent working in competing concepts. No online job posting for us. Instead, we proactively find and screen candidates and then present the top two or three to you. Can you say, “Action!”


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Bruce was a great help in assisting me through the process!  I haven’t been through the interview process in 23 years, and Bruce made me feel comfortable and assisted me through every step of the process!

Thank you Bruce at Patrice & Associates! Dominique Roberts

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