Decades of retail experience and relationships work in your favor.

That GREAT team member is closer than you think when you partner with Patrice & Associates for your retail location or multi-unit retail brand. From managerial positions in stores to corporate management, sales, VP, and executive placement in district, regional, and corporate offices, Patrice is the retail specialist that can make your life easy. Few companies do more retail staffing than we do. So, no matter the department—operations, customer service, merchandising, HR, procurement, marketing, finance, IT, sales, and more—you can count on us to find the perfect match with the right blend of skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic.

When the connection is right, we know it, and you will too.

Culture and vibe in retail are essential, and that’s our thing too. Let’s define precisely the qualities of you’re looking for. Our experience is your experience. Countless retail brands have turned to Patrice to guide their hiring strategy, interpret the labor market, and staff managers and above across North America. There’s no better way to achieve brand consistency!

Have a multi-city hiring need?

Simplify with one call, one recruitment office, and one recruiter who can extend your searches and hiring placements across the US and Canada. Dealing with multiple recruiters and territory restrictions are things of the past when you work with us. Your single point of contact, your Patrice Pro, can do it all.

A world of qualified candidates is a phone call away.

Partner with Patrice, and you get instant access to our North American database of over 700,000 exceptional candidates. But we don’t stop there. Your recruiters will pick up the phone and make the cold calls to find the top talent you demand, unlike other companies that just post your job order online. Then we screen the candidates and present the top few to you! Life just got easier.


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Bruce was a great help in assisting me through the process!  I haven’t been through the interview process in 23 years, and Bruce made me feel comfortable and assisted me through every step of the process!

Thank you Bruce at Patrice & Associates! Dominique Roberts

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