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Marketing is where creative abilities and technical know-how meet, so finding the creative type or Martech pro that fits the bill can be tricky. Not for Patrice & Associates. That GREAT marketing manager, creative director, content creator, and more, including, VP, and chief marketing officer, may already be in our network. No matter if your search is local, regional, or national in the US and Canada, staffing marketing teams is what we do. And in diverse industries, including food service, restaurant, hospitality, consumer products, aviation, health & beauty, financial services, and many more. We have a knack for finding the perfect blend of skills, creativity, experience, attitude, and work ethic in marketing pros.

When your marketing team is a culture fit, your brand can shine.

Culture fit in Marketing isn’t a nice to have, it’s a requirement. Nowhere is it more crucial. How do you make sure a new team member meshes well? Simply let us experience your culture. Tell us about the qualities over and above the typical skills and education required. Let’s talk personality, energy, and outlook. What will it take to succeed in your company, for your company? Let’s say you’re not sure. Not a problem. We coach and counsel countless professionals on discovering those intangibles and forming the perfect job requisition and hiring strategy. You’ll also have access to a wealth of local, regional, US, and Canadian industry hiring trends.

No matter the location of your hiring needs, finding GREAT hires is simpler for you than ever.

All it takes is one call to your local Patrice recruiting office, and the project is underway. We’ll find you the perfect top-level candidates in your local market or elsewhere. And if you need to hire team members in a variety of cities or across divisions, you’ll love how simple the process can be. This is a big deal, and it’s one of the reasons why companies choose Patrice again and again. It’s because your Patrice Pro can handle all your needs with no territory restrictions. That’s unique in our business.

What if that all-star you’re looking for is already in our sights? That’d be good, right?

It very well may be the case because only Patrice has literally hundreds of thousands of connections and relationships, especially in restaurants and hospitality and all the industries that support it. That’s much of the Fortune 500. Over 700,000 exceptional candidates, including marketing professionals, are a phone call away. But that’s not our only source. We’ll create and build new relationships that are perfectly tailored to your hiring needs. Cold calls. We’re one of the few companies that make them. Other companies post your job order online and see what happens. Not us, because that’s not how you find the best talent. And that’s who you’ll meet when you work with us.


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Bruce was a great help in assisting me through the process!  I haven’t been through the interview process in 23 years, and Bruce made me feel comfortable and assisted me through every step of the process!

Thank you Bruce at Patrice & Associates! Dominique Roberts

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