Work with Patrice & Associates, and together we’ll find you that GREAT tech pro you’ve been struggling to hire.

Qualified tech people are worth their weight in gold. Or should we say the right tech people? The ones who have the qualifications, experience, and vision to fit your needs and work well with your team. We get it. From engineering to IT integration to help desk in companies as diverse as hospitality, financial services, construction, and everything in between, Patrice is the tech hiring pro you need. You benefit from our decades of experience and connections, especially when looking for hands-on IT specialists, managers, VPs, and C-level executives. You’ll get that elusive blend of skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic when you work with us.

Culture fit is a big plus in IT, and you can bet it’s a big plus when you hire us.

Let’s face it. Anyone can hire on technical credentials and experience alone. But what about experience in your industry? In your type of company? Within your company size, and the number of locations? With people like you? What about your goals? That’s where fit comes in and is so critical to a successful IT placement. Together we’ll discover all the qualities that matter. You may already have some, but working with us, you’ll likely uncover others that are new. It’s all part of how we find you that GREAT pro. And if you need help with hiring strategy, and interpreting the labor market. Please ask. It’s all part of the service you get when you choose Patrice.

Have a hiring need that extends beyond your local city? Looking for several IT pros at once?

No worries. Your Patrice Pro is your single point of contact for all your hiring needs in North America. Isn’t it comforting to know you don’t have to manage different staffing companies in different markets? Let your Patrice Pro get to know you so you can streamline your hiring needs with one call and no territory restrictions. Maybe you’re thinking, “Fantastic!” because most people do!

Rock stars within our extensive network of contacts are waiting to work for you.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having access to thousands of qualified candidates, then your dream has come true. Except we do the work of vetting the ones that are perfect for you. Our North American database contains over 700,000 contacts, many in technology positions. Your Patrice Pro will vet qualified candidates and continue searching by making more cold calls to find the top talent working in companies similar to yours. Internet job posting is not part of our process. Instead, we proactively find and screen candidates and then present the best of the best to you. Ready to push the start button?


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Bruce was a great help in assisting me through the process!  I haven’t been through the interview process in 23 years, and Bruce made me feel comfortable and assisted me through every step of the process!

Thank you Bruce at Patrice & Associates! Dominique Roberts

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