There’s so much to know. These answers to frequently asked questions may help. If you have more questions, contact us and we’ll happily answer them.

What sets Patrice & Associates apart from other recruiters?

That’s a big question with many answers. First, when you work with us, you get representation in hundreds of offices in the US and Canada. You’ll quickly discover your recruiter is eager to help you, not push you into a job. All our recruiters are trained to help guide careers not fill job openings. Big difference there. That’s because they are experienced pros with countless connections that can get you in the right door of the right job for you.

Why shouldn’t I apply for a job directly on company’s website, on LinkedIn or other job site?

You can, but your resume may not get in front of the decision maker. You may wonder how that’s possible since you submitted it. One reason is because your resume may not meet their artificial intelligence (AI) keyword search criteria. You might be perfect, but no one would ever know. Another reason is because the hiring manager found enough candidates and stopped before getting to your GREAT resume. No matter the reason, you’ll benefit by having a career coach with connections and the resume coaching that will get you in the door.

Is posting my resume online a good idea or a bad idea?

Posting your resume online is not what real pros do and is a waste of time at best. In some cases, it can even damage your reputation. Most legitimate companies don’t use online searches because they are too busy to sort through thousands of resumes to find one that might be good. Instead, the best companies work with us to source GREAT candidates quickly. Lastly, be careful. There’s no need to risk your current employer finding out you’re looking for a job. Instead, let us do the legwork confidentially and get you the interview.

Can Patrice & Associates help me find a job in another state?

Yes! You have the advantage of hundreds of recruiters in the US and Canada working together to get you to GREAT.

What companies do Patrice & Associates work with?

When you work with us, you may find that you have interviews with hospitality companies for sure. That’s because we’re number one in that industry. But we also work in many other industries. Check out the industries here and see there are many others.

How much does it cost for me to have a Patrice & Associates career coach?

The GREAT news is that working with a career coach costs you nothing! Our employer clients hire us to find great people, and their fees cover all the coaching we do for job seekers.