Client Testimonials

Jackie reached out to me at the perfect time. She was there every step of the way when it came to helping me look for a change in my career. Oddly enough, I was becoming more and more interested in working for the company she helped me get into before Jackie even reached out to me. Turns out she was looking to fill a management position for the same company I had been interested in. Jackie built me a great resume and gave me tons of interviewing tips to help me successfully receive a game changing job offer. Thank you Jackie!! Ariel Sollers

Rowney helped me land the first job I interviewed for!

I’d like to thank Rowney Jensen for his guidance, dedication, and thorough follow through with helping me connect with a potential employer. With his help and direction, I was able to land the very first job I interviewed for. I am already through my first week and could not be more excited for my new position and the direction it will take me in my career! Thank you again Rowney!!!! Best regards, Matt Mickle Rowney helped me land the first job I interviewed for!
After weeks of searching for a job I was contacted by Doug Lockwood.  I almost did not reply.  Most recruiters I have dealt with have been worthless.  You speak to them once for a short interview, then you never hear from them again.  Doug was wonderful. He reviewed my resume and contacted me about a position.  He supplied my resume to the HR director as well as setup the interview.  Before the interview Doug sent me an email with bio info on the people I would be interviewing with along with interview tips.  Because of this info I knew the HR director and I shared a common background in the financial services industry which helped us build a rapport.  Doug also set up the second interview again supplying info about the people I would be meeting with.  He followed up with them and sent reminders to me to sent them a thank you email.  After getting my new position he has checked in several times to ensure the job is a good fit. With Doug I feel like I have an agent like an actor or celebrity.  I will be more than happy to work with Doug again when the time comes!   Thank you, Adam Thomas

Chris was great to work with!

I really appreciate all of Chris's hard work. Chris was great to work with, he kept me informed of all the steps throughout the process. He also did a great job of only informing me about jobs that fit my skill level and my needs. If I ever needed to find another job in the future Chris would be the first person I would reach out to.

Sincerely, John Rutledge Chris was great to work with!

Rick was extremely helpful throughout the process!

I am very pleased to accept my new position. Rick Kallsen contacted me through LinkedIn about the opportunity and was extremely helpful through the process. Our initial phone interview proved that Rick was invested in connecting me to the new employer. He followed up with me after every interview and provided me with helpful tactics through the process, such as an updated resume, interview tips and thank you letter examples. I felt he really cared about my progress through the process and was genuinely happy for me after receiving the offer. I am very appreciative to Rick and Patrice & Associates and would recommend him to anyone pursuing a new career. Best regards, Scott Sauder Rick was extremely helpful throughout the process!