Client Testimonials

I want to say thank you to Lilliam, without her help I wouldn't of been able to land this great job and opportunity. She sought out the best job that fix my job set and skills. I'm very grateful and excited about working with Romano's Macaroni. Thank you very much. Stanley Edouard Lilliam, a top performing recruiter in the Miami office, helps Stanley find a job!
Bob Zadrozny is truly a miracle worker.  His professionalism and dedication to his craft not only landed me my "dream job", he went above and beyond ensuring that my specifications were met as well, things like compensation, distance to travel.  I have since given several of my colleagues Bob's information so that he may help them find their dream jobs as well. Thank you Bob, I truly appreciate everything. Kind Regards Michele Tucci Bob helps Michele find a job!
My entire experience with Marilee was exceptional. As someone who as worked with recruiting services in the past both in the hiring manager and job seeker role, she is the most knowledgeable, most well prepared and the most responsive recruiter I’ve had he pleasure to work with. She was truly professional throughout the process, offered coaching resources and consistently inquired with both my new organization and with me following my acceptance of my offer to make sure all is well. I highly recommend working with Marilee to help solve your recruiting challenges. Billy Derham   Marilee helps Billy find a new job!
I would like to say that my experience working with Karl Busch was awesome.  He made me feel like we were on a team, coaching and leading me. We kept in touch on a daily basis, making sure all my questions were answered and I understood everything. He is the best and I will miss talking to him. His business will be successful. HE IS THE BEST! He is compassionate, a good leader, and a great motivator. Deirdre Mallard Karl helps Deirdre find a job!
Liz Costa reached out to me via email to inform me of opportunities available for hire. She treated me more like family than a candidate! When my first interview ended up with me getting passed over, she pushed me to keep looking. Liz definitely gave me the confidence to keep searching for something better, and never settle. She set up my second interview where I was hired and am now making my highest salary to date. I will forever be grateful for the time and effort she put in to help me.   Thank you! Veronica Haley She treated me more like family than a candidate!