Patrice & Associates Eyes Michigan for Franchise Growth

With a solid foundation of successful franchisees, the hospitality recruitment franchise is looking to expand its presence across the Great Lakes State, targeting cities like Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor.      Patrice & Associates, a leading hospitality and executive search recruitment franchise with over 175 units, is strategically expanding […]

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How Patrice & Associates Works with First Financial to Empower New Franchisees with Innovative Funding Solutions

  Patrice & Associates (P&A) is a leading hospitality and corporate staffing franchise with over 175 units in the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to its strong brand recognition, flexible business model and growing footprint, Patrice & Associates has established itself as a leading franchise opportunity in the $212 billion staffing industry. The total investment necessary […]

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Patrice & Associates CEO Provides Insight Into 2024 Job Market!

A job and hiring expert provides Albuquerque Business First with insight into the job market in 2024!     With 2023 in the rearview mirror, a National jobs, and hiring expert told Albuquerque Business First these are the workforce trends to watch in the new year. Brian Miller is focused […]

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It’s a Tough Road for Employers Seeking Quality Talent According to December Labor Numbers

      Once again, the December labor numbers signal that it is still a tough road for employers seeking quality talent. Now, there are even more jobs to fill. A whopping 216,000 more, which exceeded the expectation of about 170,000. It’s also a big jump from the 173,000 jobs […]

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A Tight Labor Market Means It’s Time to Get Creative About Hiring and Retention

  The pace of hiring may have slowed down a bit over the course of the last few months, and employment stabilized (it had to come sometime), but that doesn’t mean that filling the positions or retaining the best employers has gotten any easier for U.S. businesses. CCG:    If […]

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Nashville’s Hospitality Industry Job Market Balancing Out With Diverse Candidate Pool.

Nashville’s hospitality industry job market starts balancing out with diverse candidate pool. Nashville’s $9.97 billion tourism industry relies heavily on a strong hospitality sector. MARTIN B. CHERRY | NASHVILLE BUSINESS JOURNAL By Julia Masters – Reporter, Nashville Business Journal Dec 8, 2023   It’s hard to find an industry hit […]

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Job Numbers Suggest Economic Cool Down or Just a Sign of the Season

This month’s job report could be tied to a desired economic cool down or just a sign of the season. For months now, the Fed has been steadily raising interest rates to lever down inflation and ease the economy into a soft landing rather than a full recession. Conscious Capital […]

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Job Numbers Normalizing, but Don’t Expect an “Employer’s Market” Anytime Soon

The recent job numbers may have surprised Wall Street and even some jobs report watchers who thought the September numbers would be half what they were. Understandable if those predictions were based on industry surveys and the steady increase in interest rates designed to slow the economy and scare away […]

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It’s a Competitive World Out There Landing Top Talent Says Brian Miller, Patrice & Associates CEO

Hours before many Americans took off for the long Labor Day weekend, Summer’s final hurrah, the labor powers-that-be released the August labor reports. As usual, some took the numbers as caution signs for the economy and others as positive. Conscious Capital Growth business accelerator asked Patrice & Associates CEO Brian […]

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Rowney helped me land the first job I interviewed for!

I’d like to thank Rowney Jensen for his guidance, dedication, and thorough follow through with helping me connect with a potential employer. With his help and direction, I was able to land the very first job I interviewed for. I am already through my first week and could not be more excited for my new position and the direction it will take me in my career! Thank you again Rowney!!!! Best regards, Matt Mickle
I have come across many recruitment firms which have had different approach, different conduct, different ideas and different criteria, depending mainly from their attitude, experience will power and professionalism. Words are not sufficient to express my happiness from day one, November 2017, when contacted by LilliamZanatti, in merit of an opportunity with her client. Lilliam has been outstanding in her performance, committed, focused, kind, constant, professional, experienced and above all, very human. The process has lasted four months, in which time she has been deeply dedicated to my case. Moreover, even when I was tired and stressed due to the length and  demands  of the process itself, Lilliam went out of her way to support me with her positive energy and amazing attitude at any given hours or day. I don’t think I have the proverbial capacity of expressing my happiness about Lilliam’s performance. I have worked closely with recruiters for many years, via corporate or via personal business. I must confess to you that Lilliam’s performance, has been, by far, the best experienced received in my entire career. I pledge to your firm, undoubtedly and unreservedly, my gladness into describe this astonishing performance of Lilliam Zanatti, which has given me another great opportunity in life.
Adriano Carlucci

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