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Let Patrice & Associates help you find a GREAT hire for your hotel or hotel brand. From general manager to other managerial positions at the property to corporate management, sales, VP, and executive placement in regional and corporate offices, Patrice is your number-one partner. No one does more staffing in this industry than we do. So, no matter the department—operations, customer service, marketing, HR, procurement, finance, IT, sales, and more—you can count on us to find the perfect match with the right blend of skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic.

You expect a culture match, and we deliver.

It’s all about fit, and that’s where we shine. We’ll work with you to help define exactly what you are looking for. Not sure? No problem. Every day, employers like you partner with us to help guide their hiring strategy; interpret the labor market in your city, town, or across North America and put it all into action fast.

Have a multi-city hiring need?

That’s perfect because, with one call, one recruitment office, and one recruiter, you get full coast-coast coverage in the US and Canada. Why manage multiple recruiters in each city when you don’t have to? Partner with us, and one of our experienced pros can do all that work for you.

Hundreds of thousands of top-level candidates are a phone call away.

When you work with Patrice, you gain instant access to our North American database of over 700,000 exceptional candidates, plus recruiters who will make the many calls it takes to find you a GREAT hire, promote your brand and get the top talent to present to you. Legwork done!


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Rowney helped me land the first job I interviewed for!

I’d like to thank Rowney Jensen for his guidance, dedication, and thorough follow through with helping me connect with a potential employer. With his help and direction, I was able to land the very first job I interviewed for. I am already through my first week and could not be more excited for my new position and the direction it will take me in my career! Thank you again Rowney!!!! Best regards, Matt Mickle
I have come across many recruitment firms which have had different approach, different conduct, different ideas and different criteria, depending mainly from their attitude, experience will power and professionalism. Words are not sufficient to express my happiness from day one, November 2017, when contacted by LilliamZanatti, in merit of an opportunity with her client. Lilliam has been outstanding in her performance, committed, focused, kind, constant, professional, experienced and above all, very human. The process has lasted four months, in which time she has been deeply dedicated to my case. Moreover, even when I was tired and stressed due to the length and  demands  of the process itself, Lilliam went out of her way to support me with her positive energy and amazing attitude at any given hours or day. I don’t think I have the proverbial capacity of expressing my happiness about Lilliam’s performance. I have worked closely with recruiters for many years, via corporate or via personal business. I must confess to you that Lilliam’s performance, has been, by far, the best experienced received in my entire career. I pledge to your firm, undoubtedly and unreservedly, my gladness into describe this astonishing performance of Lilliam Zanatti, which has given me another great opportunity in life.
Adriano Carlucci

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