Client Testimonials

I have come across many recruitment firms which have had different approach, different conduct, different ideas and different criteria, depending mainly from their attitude, experience will power and professionalism. Words are not sufficient to express my happiness from day one, November 2017, when contacted by LilliamZanatti, in merit of an opportunity with her client. Lilliam has been outstanding in her performance, committed, focused, kind, constant, professional, experienced and above all, very human. The process has lasted four months, in which time she has been deeply dedicated to my case. Moreover, even when I was tired and stressed due to the length and  demands  of the process itself, Lilliam went out of her way to support me with her positive energy and amazing attitude at any given hours or day. I don’t think I have the proverbial capacity of expressing my happiness about Lilliam’s performance. I have worked closely with recruiters for many years, via corporate or via personal business. I must confess to you that Lilliam’s performance, has been, by far, the best experienced received in my entire career. I pledge to your firm, undoubtedly and unreservedly, my gladness into describe this astonishing performance of Lilliam Zanatti, which has given me another great opportunity in life. Adriano Carlucci
I want to thank Ian for his professionalism during the whole process. It was evident from the first conversation I had with Ian that he was passionate about his work. He committed himself to helping me fulfil my goals and he truly succeeded at that. He was an absolute pleasure to communicate with and was extremely educated about all aspects of the industry. He dedicated his valuable time to ensure that this was a smooth and advantageous journey for me. Ian was always kind and optimistic and help me in every way possible until I was firmly transitioned into a great, new position. Thank you Ian! Chef Rachel I want to thank Ian for his professionalism during the whole process.
I was in a bit of a dilemma when trying to find a new career path. I searched all over many job posting sites. I was going to call it quits then, from a stroke of luck, Markus from Patrice and Associates contacted me. He told me all about what he does and what he has accomplished as a recruiter. I knew my career was in his competent hands and I felt complete faith in him. I have never worked with someone who puts themselves in their client's shoes. Together we persevered through many interviews and came out on top. He will only see the good in your career and will find the best fit that will develop your career. From here on out, I consider him a friend of mine who will go above and beyond and represents what Patrice and Associates stands for. Whenever I get the chance, I will give his name to anyone who is looking for a career change and tell them, "Markus is the guy that will help you. Just give him a call!" Mario Ordonez
Working with Mercedes was an absolute pleasure. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for out of a new position and an Employer, ensuring it was a good fit for all parties involved. She regularly called or emailed me with updates, which helped ease my anticipation during the interviewing process. Mercedes was without a doubt one of the most professional and considerate recruiters I have dealt with, working with me around my schedule. I would recommend her services to anyone I know in the industry and would absolutely work with her again in the future.
I am writing to express my gratitude to Rusty Umphenour for helping me successfully secure a General Manager position in a well-established corporation.  Rusty was extremely professional and very helpful during the entire process - he followed up each and every step of the way.  I can't thank him enough for his guidance and expert advice.  I would highly recommend Rusty as a reliable contact to anyone who is looking for a recruiter that works hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Thank you again Rusty, you are much appreciated.