Meet Our Team

The Gillen Consulting Group Inc. dba Patrice & Associates
John P. Gillen


To earn the long-term loyalty of those we conduct business with, client, candidate and team member, by exceeding expectations with care, consideration and respect to their needs and growth desires; personally and professionally.  By successfully exceeding those expectations, long-term growth and profitability will follow.

About Me

I am so thankful for the professional experiences I have had first as an upper level corporate department head & hiring manager, then staffing & recruiting and finally independent entrepreneurship.  Each of them have brought me to this amazing place in time.  The base of my business acumen comes from one of the worlds largest privately held organizations, where I learned the value of people and empowerment as the main ingredient to expected outcomes.  Since then I have utilized those skills in the recruiting and staffing world and as business leader advisor and consultant.  The blend of my experience and the Patrice & Associates system make me uniquely qualified to serve client and candidate.

I love being entertained by those that excel in their fields; live music, sporting events, theater, dining, movies and TV.  I actively participate in shooting sports, travel, swimming and water polo.  My two children are grown and at the beginning of their own amazing adventures.

Our Approach

We are committed to being of service.  We are grateful for the advantages we have been given and want to see that others are able to experience expected and positive outcomes through our service.  We strive to provide respectful and committed assistance to all we encounter.  Through the Patrice & Associates framework, tried and true over decades of execution, we can further achieve this level of service.

For Our Clients:

We are here to act as a silent extension of your business.  To assist you in providing the high-level quality to those that count on your services.  We are a community and shared success helps us all grow.  We are the best at what we do so that you can be the best at what you do.  We help you streamline a necessary process to keep the best possible people strengthening your team.

For Our Candidates:

Just as we are an extension of our business partners, we are here to guide and mentor you to find the best place for you in your career today and tomorrow.  You don’t transition in your career every day, but we are assisting hundreds people just like you every single day to make those same transitions.  Helping you to find an ideal place to match your experience and skills is our mission.  We are your advocate!

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    John Gillen was so very helpful! 

    He was quick to communicate with me and found me the perfect opportunity!  He moved at just the right pace and prepped me for the unknown.  Thank you John for all of your help!


    Nathan Helfer

    John Gillen was so very helpful!
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    I was very impressed with John Gillen's knowledge and service.

    He did an awesome job, and I am beyond grateful for his know-how and dedication to my process. I would definitely recommend his services. I not only found a recruiter, but I also found a lifelong friend!    

    Much Gratitude,

    Nigel M.

    I was very impressed with John Gillen's knowledge and service