Jodi was fantastic and pleasant. It was a pleasure dealing with her. Sincerely, Robin Manis Jodi was fantastic and pleasant.
Jodi is an incredible asset to your team! From the first interaction i don’t recall if it was through text or email but it was very welcoming and encouraging. She was prompt with responses and extremely helpful and informative and attentive. She walked me through every step of the process from greeting to getting me set up with an interview, suggesting interview questions to ask/ be prepared to respond to. Even after the interview she did a couple follow ups just to make sure I knew what I was accepting and was ready to take on a position she believed I’d fit well in. I did accept the position I interviewed for and I owe the foot in the door at least to set up the interview to Jodi. Once again she is fantastic, very detailed and personally attentive. Her future clients will be very blessed to have her in their corner!
Best Regards,
Michelle E. Riese
Jodi is an incredible asset
I had a wonderful experience working with Rick Kallsen.  Rick was extremely responsive and resourceful from the beginning to the end of the recruiting process. Rick was positive and encouraging and gave me the appropriate tools to help me do my best during the interview process.  He was extremely clear on timelines and expectations and continuously checked in to keep me up to date.  Rick was with me every step of the process and I truly appreciated having him in my corner. I could not have landed this new role without his support and knowledge! Thank you! Jennifer Saperstein Rick was extremely responsive

Eric did an excellent job helping me attain a position with my current employer.

Eric helped put together a resume, helped present my resume in the best light to the company, and in the end, helped me secure a management position with a well known restaurant. I would recommend Eric to anyone looking for assistance in finding the right job.Shad Powell Eric did an excellent job
My family needed to urgently relocate back to Florida. I started applying for jobs on a Thursday morning. That afternoon I received a call from Eric Coultoff with Patrice and Associates. Immediately, Eric reviewed my credentials over the phone, then connected them with the job qualifications I applied for. The next day, I received two Interviews with the employer, then accepted the position by Monday. Throughout the process, Eric worked on behalf of both parties to ensure that the outcomes were more than satisfactory. His accessibility was impeccable which caused us to land the job faster than anticipated. He was outrageously professional, courteous and made the entire process flow seamlessly. Thank you! Geno Bell
Eric was outrageously professional, courteous and made the entire process flow seamlessly. Thank you!