Meet Our Team

With over 15+ years of experience in Leadership Development and Performance HR Management, I’m an accomplished team leader with a passion for empowering businesses and professionals to grow and achieve organizational and individual goals.  Through my work in multinational consulting companies such as PwC and Booz Allen Hamilton, in executive positions within the banking sector in the United States, Venezuela and Mexico, I have navigated multiple organizational and country cultures exposing me to international talent development best practices from around the globe.

Pursuing my drive for matching A+ managers/ leaders with A+ companies made me join Patrice & Associates.  As a Washington DC Franchise Owner and Executive Recruiter for the Hospitality and Retail industry nationwide, I bring an in-depth understanding of businesses’ human resource priorities that allow them to excel financially and exceed their targets.  My hands-on approach and attitude allow me to effectively coach talented professionals to find their dream job and advance toward their specific career goals. By tapping into my multicultural and bilingual (English and Spanish) background, I offer clients a keen understanding of today’s culturally diverse job market, and acute sensitivity to guide strong candidates to be successful in the hospitality industry.

My DC office is blended into a nationwide network of recruiters who are part of more than 130 Patrice & Associates offices across North America. Patrice & Associates is the number one recruitment organization in the hospitality industry.  We facilitate cutting-edge approaches, systems leveraging a data base of over 500,000 candidates and more than 1,000+ open positions to fill at any given time; with hundreds of restaurants management, hotel, casino and other hospitality jobs perfect for advancing most any career… we are your best choice for finding the career future you are seeking or talented candidate you need for your business.

My Approach

I decided to join P&A because the company is the largest and most recognized Hospitality Recruiting Agency Nationwide and the most reliable to find top talent/ candidates in the Hospitality and Retail industries. P&A represents what I was looking for in core values: Trust, Respect, Excellence and Teamwork.

As a P&A Franchise Owner, I will be able to help your company or you as a candidate meet your needs and goals and help people to live a better life.

As a client or candidate, your time is valued, and I am capable of offering you strong, quality service that allows you to rely on me to responsibly find or fill any position, manager-level and above, that you or your company need.

I will become your Staffing Partner instead of being a regular recruiter, which you can find everywhere. I have a close relationship with my clients and with my A+ candidates having conversations with them regularly and helping them right away when they need me.

I am here for you, Reach for it…



What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Hospitality Recruiter Can Help You Find a Job!

    Karl was the best asset in securing my new position. He was there coaching and teaching me every step of the way. I have been working in the food industry for 20+ years and this is the first time I have used a recruiter. I have been on both ends of the hiring process and Karl has helped to know what people are looking for and what I should be looking for when hiring new employees. I look forward to meeting Karl and shaking his hand. If needed I would seek Karl out again!         Mahmoud Elkhyati         Need help with your resume – Have a Recruitment Specialist help you for FREE       Hospitality Recruiter Can Help You Find a Job!
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    Hospitality Recruitment Works!

    My interactions with Mr. Richard were professional. He was very accommodating to my wants in needs when it came to the company I was looking to become a part of. I had tried myself to obtain a position with this company, but I was not able to do so on my own. With Richard's help I was able to land the position.  He kept me in the loop when it came to every interview that I had from beginning to end and kept me very upbeat and positive about the experience. I believe this is how a head hunter or recruiter should perform when dealing with clients very professional and had integrity in everything that he did.     Albert Jones     Hospitality Recruitment matches YOUR skills with the perfect job Hospitality Recruitment Works!
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    Hospitality Recruiters Are Here to Help

    Daniel was a great help to me on my job search. From the first time I was contacted by him I felt he was here not only to help the company find the right candidate but he was there to make sure I was right for the position.  Daniel is very persistent when he is working with you.  He knows that time is of the essence and he helps you adhere to a very strict timeline to be successful.  Daniel is there for you when you are feeling unsure and is always available to discuss just about anything.  He has a wealth of FOH & BOH knowledge and that really put me at ease because I have not met many recruiters with FOH & BOH experience. Talking to someone who has been where you have been really puts you at ease!  I am very appreciative that I had the chance to work with Daniel on this occasion.  I am thankful he was understanding, attentive, communicative, and seems to generally care about you as a person and a perspective candidate! Katherine Woods         Career Coaches that help you for FREE Hospitality Recruiters Are Here to Help
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    Hospitality Recruiters Make the Best Match for You in Your Next Job!

    Tom Schmitt was nothing but more than professional and courteous to me.  He originally contacted me about a company looking for a General Manager.  I was employed at the time, but not very happy in my situation.  Tom talked to me in great detail in regards to the position he had.  After careful consideration, I decided to pursue the opportunity.  He helped me create a more professional resume to present to the company.  He communicated to me on a daily basis as I went through the interview process.  I was eventually given an offer for the General Manager position.  I can honestly say that without Tom's help, I would still be in an unhappy job.   Thank you,   Roy Riddle     What kinds of jobs does a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist have for me? Hospitality Recruiters Make the Best Match for You in Your Next Job!
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    Hospitality Recruiters can help YOU find a job!

    Stephanie Yee played a key role in not only getting me in the door for my first interview, but in every step thereafter in the process. Stephanie coached me on effective interview strategies specific to my prospective role and made herself available for questions anytime. I was consistently kept in the loop with each new step in the process and her client insights proved invaluable. I always knew what to expect at each turn and who I would be interviewing with, along with basics like where to park and expected attire…all things that can easily trip up a less informed candidate.  In addition to all of this, Stephanie’s naturally positive attitude helped me to stay calm throughout a lengthy interview process that spanned a number of anxiety driven weeks. In short, without Stephanie in my corner, I wouldn’t have been able to turn this new chapter in my career. Sincerely, Steve Davis Hospitality Recruitment matches YOUR skills with the perfect job Hospitality Recruiters can help YOU find a job!