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Serving the Cities - Marietta, East Cobb, Roswell

With over 125 offices and 350 recruiters in the US and Canada, we have connections that build rewarding careers and grow great brands. Our franchisees and recruiters are here for you without boundary restrictions! Want to move to another state? Want to hire managers throughout North America? We are unique in that our franchisees can work the entire country while offering you one point of contact for all your needs whether you want to hire managers or look for a job in multiple states.

Our clients include nationwide and local restaurants, hotels, retail and grocery chains, assisted living facilities, hospitals, airport concourse outlets, spas, catering and wedding venues, casinos, companies that hire sales and customer service representatives and much more.

Patrice & Associates is the largest and most successful hospitality and retail Executive Search firm in North America and has been in business for more than 25 years. Over these years, we have honed our methods that make us stand apart from our competition.

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Why Clients and Candidates Chose Patrice and Associates

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Why Patrice & Associates?

Know Why Patrice & Associates for job seekers candidate

For Our Employers

  • We do what other firms say they "do” but “don't". We specialize in making recruiting calls to competing concepts sourcing people that aren’t responding to internet ads.
  • With unemployment lower than it’s been in decades, it’s a candidate’s market. As your staffing partner we can “sell” your brand resulting in more candidates to interview.
  • One point of Contact through our National Account Program serving all locations in North America.
  • Higher Quality Candidates by leveraging 25+ years of networking plus over 300 recruiters talking to candidates every day.
  • Our Clients call us the Gold Standard in Executive Search.

For Our Job Seekers

  • If you think it’s time to make a move don’t waste another minute! We have a 25+ year reputation for making great matches that are a win-win for both the employer and employee.
  • Finding your next career move can be a full-time job, but no worries, we make it a lot easier and even fun. We will steer you throughout the process for free.
  • We provide up-to-date information on the job market in your area, the hottest jobs and the best companies to work for.
  • Whether you know exactly what you want – or don’t have a clue about the next position or salary you could command, we can help.
  • We want you to win and enjoy the process. Your success is our success.
Know why Patrice & Associates for employers

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    A BIG THANK YOU to Jay! 

    I was contacted a while back by Jay Gray on multiple occasions regarding possible positions in my field.  I was not yet ready to make a change but recently I reached out to him regarding a big move out of state.  He was a big supporter and was able to find a position literally the following day.  I interviewed and within a few days I was offered the position!  I wanted to express my gratitude for the interest he took in me and the constant communication.  He ensured I was well taken care of and that I was happy with the decisions I was making.  He is a great asset to your team.                 Sincerely, Madelin Vargas  A BIG THANK YOU to Jay!
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    Jay Gray is definitely focused on excellence in his work.

    I spoke to him a couple years ago, but the opportunity wasn’t in my local area. Jay told me he would remember me, and if anything came up closer to me he would reach out. Well he is a man of his word, and it was perfect timing. Jay was super helpful and very positive in his endeavor to place me with, not only, a company who recognized my value, but also, gave me an offer greater than my expectation. It was a smooth experience from start to finish. I definitely highly recommend Jay Gray with Patrice & Associates.


    Melissa King

    Jay Gray is definitely focused on excellence in his work.
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    I have known Jay for a little over a year now & have grown to enjoy his honesty, professionalism, and his candid approach to his craft . I have always known Jay to utilize these qualities when working to ensure that he provides to his clients exactly what they are looking for.. His detailed approach is second to none! Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend Jay to deliver. It has been a pleasure to work with Jay & the team at Patrice & Associates as I am looking forward to working with him again soon... Sincerely, Will F. Morrow I can confidently recommend Jay to deliver. 
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    Jay was awesome!

    He didn’t ever push me to take anything, he was very patient as the process took over two months. We talked on a normal basis and he was great at providing information that was helpful when I needed it and before I needed it. I can’t say thank you enough for Jay getting me into this position. He is a great asset to your company! Thanks, Luke Skinner Jay was awesome!
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    Thanks Again!

    Bartol starts on Wednesday! Thanks for again turning over all the rocks for us. - FH Client  Thanks Again!
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