Meet Our Team

George & Susan (Sue) Wooten

Grow Forward Solutions, LLC

Regional Developer for Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah

George and Sue met in college and have been married for, well, a long time. They have 2 adult children, Erin and Christian, and 4 grand-kids (Sue calls it the “best promotion ever”). The Wooten family has moved all over the world, literally, relocating for George’s career more than 15 times from south Florida to northern New Hampshire, west to Colorado and California, several places in between and even to the Middle East for a few years. This great partnership in life has led Sue and George to their Patrice & Associates business partnership, which only makes sense, at least to them.

Sue started working in restaurants as a server while in college and was a manager at Pizza Hut when Christian was born. Sue says she feels blessed to have been able to stay home with the kids for several years after Christian was born, but did not hesitate to jump back into the restaurant business when the opportunity presented itself. Sue bought an iconic 60-year old diner in a very small town in very northern New Hampshire. She quite literally ran the restaurant (cook, cashier, server and manger) and more than doubled sales in only a year. The family was then presented with another opportunity by George’s company to once again relocate for a promotion. Sue was prepared; she had recruited and trained someone to take over the restaurant and the right person who would ultimately buy it, which she did. Sue knows the restaurant world from bottom to top, literally, and she has an amazing ability to build incredible relationships in a very short time; she loves nothing more than helping others realize their goals and reach for their dreams.

George has almost 40 years of experience in the Hospitality/ Restaurant/ Retail business. He started out working on the grill at Wendy’s when he was 17 to pay his way through school. After 4 years there and 4 years of college, he left school and took a job as an Assistant Manager Trainee with Burger King Corp. with every intention of going back to school… Promotions came quickly, and school kept getting pushed off. Over the next 30+ years, George worked his way up from Assistant Manager to General Manager to District Manager, to Training Manager/ Director, Regional Director, VP, SVP and ultimately COO. He feels privileged to have had the opportunity to serve in senior executive leadership roles with several large and even iconic US companies generating annual revenue ranging from $100 Million to $44 Billion. He and Sue also had the opportunity to spend 2 years living and working in the Middle East where he served as Head of Restaurants for the largest retailer in MENA who gave him the amazing opportunity to work with and bring major US and European brands to the region. George never gave up on his education, even though he had achieved much success in his career and was a Senior VP with a $44 Billion company, he went back to school and finally got his Bachelor’s Degree in Management in 2009 and then spent the next 5 years working on his MBA which he was finally awarded in 2014!

Meet the Grow Forward Solutions – P&A Team

While Grow Forward Solutions – Patrice & Associates recruits well beyond just the hospitality industry, Sue and George will always have a passion for the people who own, operate and work in restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, conference centers, supermarkets and other food focused retail/ hospitality businesses.  The GFS Recruiting Team is comprised of Certified Hospitality Recruiters (CHR), most of whom come from the Hospitality/ Restaurant industry and have decades of experience ranging from Manager to Multi-Unit Manager to Director, VP, and even C-Level executives – the GFS Team knows what Clients need and what they want, as well as what each candidate is searching for in their career. This level of expertise combined with The Patrice Way allows the Team to find the BEST MATCH for each and every position!

The Certified Hospitality Recruiters at GFS are supported by our Recruiting Support Specialists (RSS) who broaden our search capabilities and dramatically reduce the time to hire by focusing 100% of their time supporting our sourcing and research efforts. Our RSS leverage all resources and platforms to provide our Recruiters and Clients more of the best Candidates FASTER.

Our Approach

With George and Sue, you get two people who really understand the business from C-Suite to floor-sweep and everything in between. You also get true partners who understand the value of relationships and commitment and that is what you will see from every member of the team. George and Sue can relate to both Client companies and Candidates and they know what makes a perfect match; that’s the key – “MATCH”. George’s long history of successfully leading teams and developing people adds the third dimension, the ability to support and help franchisees in the region succeed. George’s approach has always put people first and he has long proven that by focusing on the right people, with the right ability, in the right place, at the right time both the individual and the company will succeed and grow together. This is our approach as a team and it is evident in our company name – GROW FORWARD SOLUTIONS.

Whether you are a Client, a Candidate or a Franchisee, George, Sue and their phenomenal team of Certified Hospitality Recruiting professionals can and will help you realize your goals and help you GROW FORWARD!!


What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Hospitality Recruiters Will Help You Find Your Dream Job!

    Mike Buterbaugh is a consummate professional and proved to be a valuable resource in my recent job search!  I am extremely happy with what Mike brought to the table, as he assisted me in my job hunt.  I would definitely call Mike (and Patrice & Associates) again if I found myself in the midst of career move, though I truly believe Mike Buterbaugh helped me find my forever dream job, with a great & growing company! Thanks, Mike and Patrice & Associates!  You did a wonderful job! -Dave Long   10 Reasons Why Hospitality Jobs are Great! Hospitality Recruiters Will Help You Find Your Dream Job!
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    Recruiters Helped Me Find a Job!

    Mike is awesome. He found my resume and got me a job interview within a couple days. I had that interview and within a week I was hired. The resume ideas were great. He stayed in touch before and after the hiring process with ideas and questions. He know what I was looking for and got it for me. -Shawn Beistel   #1 Hospitality Management Recruitment Agency Recruiters Helped Me Find a Job!
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    Recruitment Coaches are Your Coach for Life!

    All I can say about Mike is he has always been supportive and a great mentor to me over the past 8 years.  First as my Director of Operations with Mimi’s Café he always challenged me to be a better manager and encouraged my growth by having me take on leading weekly kitchen manager calls for his market and trusting me to go into troubled locations and helping to turn them around.  Most recently when my time with Mimi’s was over Mike was able to help me secure the next step in my journey in less than 3 weeks.


    Bob Nawa

    Recruitment Coaches are Your Coach for Life!
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    Recruitment Experts Are the Best Coaches

    Mike was phenomenal. The interview process was a little long but Mike was extremely personal and checked in with myself and the company daily to keep the communication going. He was very straight forward with what to expect and the time frame. He was constantly giving advice and even answered questions at night and on the weekend. He really helped me find a dream job and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you, Seth Strong Recruitment Experts Are the Best Coaches
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    My New Job Changed My Life

    I would like to take this time and thank you for the outstanding work that was put forward for me to get the opportunity to become a General Manager for with Arby's Restaurant. From the beginning you have treated me with the upmost respect and made all the necessary calls to set up my interviews and follow-up. That speak volumes of your hard work and dedication that you show to your clients at hand.  I without a doubt without any hesitation will recommend you to anyone, I know that's looking for a career in the hospitality and restaurant business. From the heart a true, in me you can count on friend and i hope to do business with you moving forward with my new career as General Manager for Arby's Restaurant. Sincerely, Johnny J. Cardona My New Job Changed My Life