Ready for GREATER responsibility, GREATER reward? Want to make a bigger impact? Sounds like you’re ready for your next career challenge.

Operations is where it all happens in a company, and it’s the place where strategy and execution come together to deliver big impact to lots of people. If you’re ready to see how far your skills, abilities, and ambition can go, then you are ready for Patrice & Associates.

It’s no risk because it’s no cost.

Patrice career coaches are always on the lookout for ambitious operations leaders who want to move up in responsibility and position. Let’s talk about your dream and then set a plan. You’ll get resume guidance and interview prep. That’s all part of what we do, so you’re ready to land the job. Positions in all industries in the US and Canada are hiring right now. And we get more opportunities daily. Let’s find the right one that will get you to GREAT!

With Patrice, even moving to a new city is no hassle.

With hundreds of recruiting offices across the US and Canada, Patrice and our local market career coaches are ready to make finding your next opportunity easy. Our coaches are local recruiters with local connections and local relationships. You’re no longer a stranger in a strange city. You’re an instant insider with open doors. Contact us if you’re moving or even if you’re not. Your future awaits.

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Here’s a GREAT idea...
Have you ever thought about working for yourself?

That option is available to you as a Patrice & Associates Franchisee. You can live where you want, work from home and take the skills you’ve learned and apply them to a business to call your own. Startup costs are minimal, and financing is available. Why not check it out?

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I am very grateful to Michael Bickle

Michael Bickle, from the start gave me the confidence I needed to make the right choice on the next direction in my career path. Life is already stressful, and adding the challenges in finding a new job can be overwhelming with anxiety. Michael Bickle never pressured me into doing anything I was not certain about. He was with me every step of the way. In doing so, I wasn't left with uncertainty.
To the next journey,
Roy  D.

I would like to say a big thank you to Michael Bickle for helping me to find the right concept that works for me and my lifestyle.

After working for the same company for 36 years I had peace in my heart that this was the right move for me. I'm on my second week and so far so good. Also he was a huge help during the interview process and helped me via texts each step of the way. Thank you Michael for your help and dedication which led me to a great career opportunity.
Debra Meagher

Michael was very attentive in expediting my hiring process.

He did a good job putting me in touch with the necessary people and being a bridge to make sure I had materials needed for my interviews. He would text me reminders of my interview times and offered his help constantly. Maddie Guzman

Michael worked hard for me.

Michael Bickle reached out to me and came across my resume on Indeed.  He helped assist me with my new job and was very enthusiastic and worked hard for me.  I can honestly say I would most likely still be on the job hunt if it were not for him. I can now say I'm a proud manager at a great company and I have Michael to thank for that.
Thank you,
Chelsea Cooper

Michael was always available to help!

I would like to say that while I was working with Michael Bickle he was constantly attentive and truly helpful with every step of the hiring process. He arranged the interview, improved my resume, and gave me so much material for being successful during the hiring process. He was always available to answer all of my questions and to calm my nerves. He even helped to negotiate my salary for after my training is completed. I am truly grateful for his help and I wish him every success throughout the course of his career. I will definitely reach out to Michael Bickle and/or Patrice and Associates if I ever need help with my career again.   Thank you, Denae Rebecca

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