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About John Gatewood

After spending 34 years as an Operations Manager in the Logistics and Engineering industry I found myself wanting more from a personal side of the business. I had developed strong skillsets regarding people development and accountability, but I was losing the personal interactions that I most coveted when I started my career. During my tenure I learned that having a keen ear and understanding of what people most wanted was critical to the process. Listening with the intent to understand and not respond has become a lost art.
My ability to adapt to multiple platforms in the business allows me to seek out the needs for the clients I represent. Once the barriers are removed a solution can be found. My background in Corporate America allows me to not only understand what Companies want but match them with highly qualified candidates. This ability to determine the needs for both parties is crucial to internal and external success. Communication throughout the process from the start of the interview until the day the successful pairing of candidates with the Companies we represent is an expectation I hold in high regard. My success is predicated on the proper pairing.

“Your Success is my first Priority”

Premier Executive Search
Together we’ll go for GREAT and we’ll get you to GREAT. Your…next career leap starts and ends here.

Work with us, and you get your own executive search team that understands the importance of goals, vision, needs, fit, and all the intangibles that go into a GREAT executive search match. Executives, gain exclusive access to top companies. Employers and search committees, experience our collaborative approach to discovering exactly the kind of person you’re seeking. That way, Patrice & Associates Pros can effectively identify, recruit and vet the right candidates.


For Employers

  • You have a partner who will make the recruiting calls you can’t. Let us pick up the phone and discreetly find your GREAT team member. The one who doesn’t respond to internet ads.
  • You have a brand advocate in a challenging employment market. What others say about you is powerful, so let us do the talking and sell your brand.
  • You have a dedicated Patrice & Associates Pro who can work anywhere. Have multiple positions to fill in multiple locations? Your life just got easier.
  • You have access to higher-quality candidates. GREAT future team members aren’t searching for jobs. They’re working the jobs they have. Let us find your that all-star.
  • You can count on discerning, discrete executive search. Clients call us the Gold Standard because they value our services and the way we work.


For Job Seekers

  • Why waste another minute, make that career move. Your dream job may be on one of our Patrice & Associate Pro’s desk. Curious?
  • Let’s make finding that GREAT position fun, easy, and no risk. That’s what people say about working with us. They get the right guidance to land that job they could never have gotten on their own… for FREE!
  • Get up-to-date job market information in your area. Discover the best companies to work for, the hottest jobs, and the opportunities available. It’s insider info tailored just for you.
  • Get the guidance you need to figure out how to get to GREAT. You may not know exactly the path, the position, or the salary level. No worries, let us provide clarity.


Check out our current job listings. There are thousands and one might be GREAT for you!


About Patrice & Associates

We can’t wait to talk with you! Let our connections be your connections in your area and across North America. Job seekers, Patrice & Associates can find you your next great career move even if you want to move to another city or state.

Employers, let us find you your next great hire! Even if your search is for multiple positions, in multiple cities. One call to this local office and you’re on your way. All without the hassle of managing multiple recruiters or territory restrictions.

Why wait? Get the resources of our national network when you call your local office. We’re ready! Are you?

Helen Nourai was great!

She was very professional and kept in contact with me through the entire process. She is committed to finding the right fit for any position and you can tell she is passionate. I really enjoyed working with Helen and because of her I found a job that I absolutely love!   Many Thanks, Sabrina

Helen Nourai was fantastic! 

She checked in frequently without being pushy or annoying. She was sympathetic when we believed that I was not chosen at one point. She made the initial interview easy, like speaking with a friend easy.  She is an asset to Patrice & Associates.  I've used other recruiters from other concepts throughout my career & must state that this experience was easy, helpful & worth my time. I recommend Patrice & Associates to anyone looking for a career.  I especially recommend Helen Nourai to everyone.  What a pleasure!    

Thank you!


servicesWorking with Helen Nourai was an absolute delight! 

Passionate and involved in every step, I could always count on her to respond to any inquiry I had promptly and with personal interest.  She cares about her candidates prospects and matching the right people with the right job.

Thank you so much, Helen!

David Carnell

I first of all I want to say thank you again Helen Nourai for being amazing!!!

She took her time to guide me and all while being professional and friendly. Helen really understands how people work. She deserves a giant raise.!! Overall super Happy and excited for my new Job!!    

Thanks Helen!!

Miguel Torres


After being COVID laid off in 2020; I spent the next year floundering, and looking for work. I had my resume up on all the different sites, and applied to anything that was even close to a good fit. No luck, and very few calls or email responses. Until one day out of nowhere Helen contacted me. Helen was extremely personable, positive, and prepared. After speaking for some time, completing the initial introductions, and basic information. Helen already had a position in mind for me. I sent her all of my relevant documents, and she worked her magic. Just a couple days later she emailed back my beautifully reworked resume, and double checked that I was ready for her to submit to potential employers. Then things went very fast! The next day on a Tuesday I had 2 phone interviews. Then Thursday another interview with the Director. Helen kept in touch every step of the way; calling even when I had forgotten to keep her posted. Then the General Manager contacted me on a Saturday followed by the VP!! Less than a week after Helen had submitted me I had completed the interview process, and was waiting on an offer pending reference & background checks. Helen, again was in amazing communication with me. Discussing my needs from the offer to ensure that when the offer was made; it included everything I wanted. It worked out exactly like that too! In the midst of the whirlwind offer that was exactly what I wanted (something I've never experienced before), and all the different company leaders reaching out to me. Helen was right there with me too. Checking in, sharing in my excitement, and giving me all her congratulations. Again, I had never experienced a hiring process with this much of a personal touch before ever! Definitely never one that was this smooth, and fast. If the Company went a day not talking to me, Helen was on it and reaching out to push the process forward.
13 months of the unconscionable COVID under employment; with all the stress, worry, and insecurity, doing anything and everything to scrape together as many dollars as possible, to finally land a dream position that is a perfect fit, in my ideal location, industry, and salary. It is all still so unbelievable, and I know Helen was more than a major player. She was the key! The difference maker! I cannot express my level of gratitude for her help, and perseverance. Helen is the most gifted recruiter I have ever interacted with, and should I ever be looking for work, Helen will absolutely be my first call.
Much Gratitude,
Ben Whetstone

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