Meet Our Team

Trevor McClanahan, Franchise Partner and Recruiter

Prior to joining Patrice & Associates I served as Lead Sales Consultant for David Weekly Homes, where I discovered my passion for “Building Dreams and Enhancing Lives” through Home-ownership, which I now enthusiastically continue to deliver as a Recruiter.  Before that I worked as a Business Development Manager for BOFI in San Diego.  Prior to that, my love for the Ocean and Scuba Diving carried me to the U.S. Virgin Islands, where I was a Dive Instructor and Boat Captain running my own Charter Business.

My core strengths are Sales, Business Development, Networking, and Relationship Building.

I enjoy anything to do with the water, boating, fishing, scuba diving as well as skiing/snowboarding, experiencing new cultures and adventures through traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


Scott Lubore, Franchise Partner and Recruiter

 I was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. I was raised by a strong independent mother who taught me at a very early age the importance of determination, self-reliance and taking pride in all you do.  I embraced all these concepts of hard work as a young man.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, from starting my own lawn care business as a young teen to graduating to a car detailing business I named IDetail, in my later teens, to creating and owning DC Cruisers a custom American made Motorcycle and Choppers Dealership.

I was always searching for new businesses to create to excel my career path. I became an experienced owner with a successful history of working in the business supplies and equipment industry. I created, owned and operated Office Experts in the mid 90’s, then created and owned Office Source in the late 90’s and finally created and owned First Call Office Products in the mid 2000’s all of which were successfully sold and became part of the Staples Organization.

I met the love of my life before I sold First Call, we decided on building a life together on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico on Anna Maria Island. My entrepreneur spirit rose again searching for a brand new business venture. My wife Eileen and I created a concept too bring an Irish Pub to the Island. We built from scratch, designing, sculpting, creating and owning The Freckled Fin Irish Pub in Holmes Beach. I learned a great deal about every aspect of the restaurant/ bar industry from interviewing, hiring talent for the entire restaurant, to ordering, procurement, menu design concepts, building relationships with vendors, customers and staff, accounting, music industry, sound systems and so much more. You name it; we did it, and built a very successful business. We passed the torch on to other local businessmen whose dream was to own a local Pub.

We are now excited to build a new business together with Patrice and Associates. Each entrepreneurial endeavor allowed me to hone my strong business development skills in negotiation, customer service, sales, and strategic planning.

Basically what my wife says is “ I’m a Rock Star”! I am the negotiator you want on your side. I am thrilled to pave a new course as a Partner at Patrice & Associates of Southwest Florida and look forward to serving you.


Eileen Lubore, Franchise Partner and Recruiter

I have always felt passionate about helping people foster personal growth, overcome struggles, enrich their lives and feel happy and free to be their best selves. I received my Bachelors Degree from the University of Maryland and my Masters in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago.

I began my career as a Clinical Social Worker helping individuals and families find their voice, embrace their strengths, promote confidence building, social skills training and ultimately empower them to change their lives for the better. Often times as a Social Worker some of the biggest struggles I witnessed in peoples lives was unhappiness being in the wrong job, not feeling valued and not believing or being aware of the unique gifts they have to offer the world. I could emphasize with my clients struggles to want more for one self and to see themselves utilizing all their talents. For years I had dreamed of being a writer to reach as many people as possible with my gift of storytelling. After a lifetime of putting my writing on the back shelf I finally wrote and self-published my first book; The Legend of The Freckled Finn available on Amazon and various boutique shops.  It was an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment.

My continued desire and passion to help people grow on a holistic level led me to create my own Essential Oil line and business OilsbyE!  Equally exciting and challenging was creating a restaurant concept and being apart of making that restaurant come to fruition with my husband Scott. We owned and operated The Freckled Fin Irish Pub for the last three years and became involved in all aspects of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training our staff from back of the house to the front as well as booking nightly musical entertainment. Finding great talent and the right fit for our Pub took time, research and persistence. It became very evident once again from my experience in Social Work that every person comes with their own unique set of skills and talents, as well as personal stories.

I believe and recognize how important and relative in the Hospitality industry it is to know, appreciate and value each person’s story to have a successful business. I believe we all want a better quality of life but many just don’t know how to reach for it! I have been given a wonderful opportunity with Patrice & Associates to use my lifetime of training, education, resources, passion and drive to be of service to others in the Hospitality Industry. My greatest belief and daily mantra is anything is possible if you dare to dream! As a matchmaker for the candidate and client my goal is to help make your dreams a reality.


Our Approach:

We provide specialized recruiting solutions for the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industry.

We provide top-notch quality talent you can count on. We are the ultimate match-maker. Our professional and knowledgeable team is able to recognize the finest candidates who meet the specific needs of your organization.

We’ve established networks of genuine relationships that allow us to source the highest-quality talent and execute quickly. Our primary focus is working with clients to help them fill executive and management positions all across the hospitality industry. We believe in placing top level individuals who add value to your organization.

We are proud to be apart of Patrice & Associates, the preeminent hospitality recruiting service in North America since 1989. The company has exclusive recruiting partnerships with some of the nation’s largest restaurant chains and hotels. At Patrice & Associates, our core values are Respect, Service, Excellence and Teamwork and that permeates everything we do. We take great care by providing the best possible service to both our candidates and our client companies.

 For Our Clients:

Recruiting for the right talent can be a very complex and frustrating process and a bad hire is one of the costliest mistakes any business can make.  It is also less expensive to hire a good recruiter than an inexperienced manager.  Our commitment to our clients is to submit only ‘A’ level candidates and simplify and expedite the decision-making process.  We will take the time to understand your culture, core values and thoroughly understand your specific needs. Our proprietary system and process give us access to the largest talent pool of Managers in the industry. We streamline and sync our search criteria unique to each client’s specific requirements eliminating and reducing the resume screening time and get results fast

 For Our Candidates:

Recruiting the right person for the right job is always our top priority. You can rely on us for unique and unprecedented support and service. Throughout the entire search, selection and interview process we will be your advocate and advisor. We believe in building a trusting relationship through listening and asking the proper questions. We want to find out what is important to you, your family and your career, providing the best possible fit. We use a comprehensive and efficient screening method to understand your personality, experience and skills. We are always searching for good people and building on those relationships to be able to place them immediately or in the future.




What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Hospitality Recruiter Can Help You Find a Job!

    Karl was the best asset in securing my new position. He was there coaching and teaching me every step of the way. I have been working in the food industry for 20+ years and this is the first time I have used a recruiter. I have been on both ends of the hiring process and Karl has helped to know what people are looking for and what I should be looking for when hiring new employees. I look forward to meeting Karl and shaking his hand. If needed I would seek Karl out again!         Mahmoud Elkhyati         Need help with your resume – Have a Recruitment Specialist help you for FREE       Hospitality Recruiter Can Help You Find a Job!
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    Hospitality Recruitment Works!

    My interactions with Mr. Richard were professional. He was very accommodating to my wants in needs when it came to the company I was looking to become a part of. I had tried myself to obtain a position with this company, but I was not able to do so on my own. With Richard's help I was able to land the position.  He kept me in the loop when it came to every interview that I had from beginning to end and kept me very upbeat and positive about the experience. I believe this is how a head hunter or recruiter should perform when dealing with clients very professional and had integrity in everything that he did.     Albert Jones     Hospitality Recruitment matches YOUR skills with the perfect job Hospitality Recruitment Works!
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    Hospitality Recruiters Are Here to Help

    Daniel was a great help to me on my job search. From the first time I was contacted by him I felt he was here not only to help the company find the right candidate but he was there to make sure I was right for the position.  Daniel is very persistent when he is working with you.  He knows that time is of the essence and he helps you adhere to a very strict timeline to be successful.  Daniel is there for you when you are feeling unsure and is always available to discuss just about anything.  He has a wealth of FOH & BOH knowledge and that really put me at ease because I have not met many recruiters with FOH & BOH experience. Talking to someone who has been where you have been really puts you at ease!  I am very appreciative that I had the chance to work with Daniel on this occasion.  I am thankful he was understanding, attentive, communicative, and seems to generally care about you as a person and a perspective candidate! Katherine Woods         Career Coaches that help you for FREE Hospitality Recruiters Are Here to Help
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    Hospitality Recruiters Make the Best Match for You in Your Next Job!

    Tom Schmitt was nothing but more than professional and courteous to me.  He originally contacted me about a company looking for a General Manager.  I was employed at the time, but not very happy in my situation.  Tom talked to me in great detail in regards to the position he had.  After careful consideration, I decided to pursue the opportunity.  He helped me create a more professional resume to present to the company.  He communicated to me on a daily basis as I went through the interview process.  I was eventually given an offer for the General Manager position.  I can honestly say that without Tom's help, I would still be in an unhappy job.   Thank you,   Roy Riddle     What kinds of jobs does a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist have for me? Hospitality Recruiters Make the Best Match for You in Your Next Job!
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    Hospitality Recruiters can help YOU find a job!

    Stephanie Yee played a key role in not only getting me in the door for my first interview, but in every step thereafter in the process. Stephanie coached me on effective interview strategies specific to my prospective role and made herself available for questions anytime. I was consistently kept in the loop with each new step in the process and her client insights proved invaluable. I always knew what to expect at each turn and who I would be interviewing with, along with basics like where to park and expected attire…all things that can easily trip up a less informed candidate.  In addition to all of this, Stephanie’s naturally positive attitude helped me to stay calm throughout a lengthy interview process that spanned a number of anxiety driven weeks. In short, without Stephanie in my corner, I wouldn’t have been able to turn this new chapter in my career. Sincerely, Steve Davis Hospitality Recruitment matches YOUR skills with the perfect job Hospitality Recruiters can help YOU find a job!