Client Testimonials

It has been a pleasure working with Jay Gray, Owner with Patrice & Associates. We’re a small business that’s rapidly growing and they have consistently worked hard and have provided quick results. It’s taken the hiring stress off of us, so we have more time to focus on other important aspects of our business. They are on top of everything, and we can always depend on them to answer our calls, questions, and provide meaningful feedback.
Mike Klever, who is a recruiter for Bill Bunch in KY, was great. He really helped me in every way possible. From start to finish. Some recruiters just get you set up on the interview and really don't follow up. Mike was there for me throughout the whole process. He helped me tweak my resume and highlighted my strengths. If anything, his assistance with my resume made me more marketable. I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without him. And if I had tried it would have taken longer. I am now training at Corner Bakery Cafe to be a manager. Everything just went so smoothly that I feel like I'm dreaming. Like the floor is going to give out from under me. I will definitely utilize Mike again if I ever find myself looking for another career move. Tony Maldonado