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Software Development Manager – A120

Position NameSoftware Development Manager
LocationRichardson, TX
Salary Range$130000 - $140000
Client OverviewIn 1995, our Client was spun off from Texas Instruments at a time in the electronics industry when prototype validation and debug, as well as manufacturing test, were changing drastically. Large and expensive external test equipment was giving way to software-based methods embedded in chips and on boards. Today, with more than 10,000 users worldwide, our Client’s two platforms – the ScanWorks® platform for hardware validation and test, and the SourcePoint® platform for software debug and trace – provide real insight from code to silicon for engineers in design and manufacturing who are working on the most advanced Intel® and ARM® designs.

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Position Overview & Responsibilities

  • Seeking an experienced software development manager to join an established development team and assume responsibility for a portion of the product portfolio.
  • Product Development is managed on a project basis to deliver new releases or application-specific software that is deployed by the end customer. The projects are co-managed by the Development Manager and a Product Manager working with the Sales organization to determine Customer requirements.
  • Understand the available resources (i.e., staff, tools, existing code, and competing projects), create and manage the project plan to customer specifications.
  • Ensures that the project is executed in a manner that is consistent with processes and quality standards in place.
  • Oversees the QA efforts for each product release.
  • Provides guidance for technical decisions.


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Position Requirements

  • Experience developing software using C#, .NET, C++ in a Windows environment, testing software and defining software architecture.
  • Experience managing a small to medium size (5-15) software development team that had overall responsibility for the development and release of products.
  • Demonstrated ability to recognize and resolve both technical and team issues.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering.
  • Six or more years of relevant work experience (i.e., managing software development teams).
  • Experience collaborating with other internal organizations.
  • Master’s degree.
  • Experience managing geographically distributed development teams.
  • Knowledge/experience with PCB test.
  • Experience communicating with customers and company executives.
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    I would recommend Clint Carpenter and Patrice and Associates to anyone.