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We believe, and specialize in finding the perfect fit to deliver rewarding careers and grow great brands.

About the Owners

With over 130 franchise business owners and over 275 recruiters, our team can tailor recruiting searches to fit your specific needs in the U.S. and Canada.

It is fitting that John & Elizabeth have chosen to represent the Northwest Region for Patrice & Associates because they love to spend time in the wide-open spaces that the Northwest provides and take advantage of the big cities. They love to travel and have visited all of the states in their region, have lived in Oregon for over six years and John also lived in South Dakota as a young man.

John joined Patrice & Associates as a successful and award-winning executive in the aerospace and renewable energy sectors. He has concentrated his career on team building, project management, engineering and operations as well as focusing on start-up ventures since 2000. In these roles he was responsible for building and mentoring high-performing technical and manufacturing teams of which he is extremely proud. John has been involved in partnering and developing both clients and suppliers alike. Some notable accomplishments include the development and certification of the friction stir welding process used to manufacture the Eclipse 500, the first time this advanced manufacturing process was FAA-approved for use in primary structural assembly of aircraft. He also served as Chief Engineer for the NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy program for Universities Space Research Association. He is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering.

Elizabeth serves as a volunteer chaplain at two healthcare facilities, which include both memory care residents and medical rehab patients. This experience has given her a chance to connect with and encourage people of all walks of life. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations.

Our Approach

John & Elizabeth are committed to working with clients, candidates and franchisees in a way that upholds the high standards of the Patrice & Associates family. Our actions and words reflect the core values of Patrice & Associates which are Respect, Excellence, Service & Teamwork.

Our office is devoted to working hard and helping others. Whether you are a job seeker in the hospitality, retail or service industry, a hiring manager looking for top talent or a potential franchisee, we stand ready to represent your interests to the best of our ability. Along with our local office, the nationwide presence of Patrice & Associates offers a proprietary database of over 400,000 candidates used by our team of over 200 recruiters.

Community is important to our business, our town and our family. We strive to build community with our employees and business contacts as we reach out to participate in projects that offer practical benefits. For John, that is demonstrated by his volunteer time at the local high school, helping students prepare for college and beyond.

Fulfilling Careers | Successful Partnerships | Community Empowerment

Both John & Elizabeth strive to build strong teams as they bring together job seekers, employers, franchisees and the community.

Trust Patrice & Associates to help you improve your life!

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Liz is the most diligent recruiter I have ever worked with!

    What I enjoyed most about Liz is how straightforward she is. She is honest!  This experience with Liz has been more than her assisting me.  Liz is the most diligent recruiter I have ever worked with.  My resume looks better than ever thanks to her!  She provided all the tools to set me up for success!  I could call her anytime and she would always respond immediately.  Her connections are outstanding.  Liz coached me through this entire process.  She taught me how to nail an interview!  Liz was sure to place me in a position that I wanted, that would make me happy.  I am more than pleased!  I will be sending her more candidates like myself.  Looking forward to working with Patrice and associates from here on out.  You are lucky to have Liz on your team.  However, I am also  lucky to have her!

    Whitney McMorris Liz is the most diligent recruiter I have ever worked with!
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    I would recommend Tom to anyone in the market for a job!

    Tom was very professional and responsive. He had great advice for the interview process and helped me practice patience as I waited to hear if I was going to be offered the job or not. Turned out, I didn't have to wait long. I interviewed on a Thursday with the DM, then the owner on Monday. I had an offer letter Wednesday afternoon! I would recommend Tom to anyone in the market for a job! Thank you, Michael Bayley I would recommend Tom to anyone in the market for a job!
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    Tim was absolutely amazing!

    He always had be prepared for each and every interview. His communication was fantastic and I had a wonderful experience working with Tim, and looking forward to using him again in the future when I have the opportunity to hire top notch candidates.

    Thank you, Andrew Hoang Tim was amazing!
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    I am very impressed with Joe!

    I just wanted to say that Joe has got to be the best recruiter I’ve met so far. He is very personable and very validative and positive. He is wonderful in his preparation. I’ve had quite a few recruiters contact me and gone on some interviews and I have never seen anything like this. I’m very impressed. Thank you, Lisa I am very impressed with Joe!
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    James made this process easy!

    James is a great guy, he was very involved in the process and great help.  James made entire process easy and without stress. I would recommend to my friends and will use him if needed again.   Thank you, Prem Patel James made this process easy!