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Restaurant General Manager – M134

Position NameHospitality Recruitment: Restaurant General Manager
LocationRochester Hills, MI
Salary Range$50000 - $60000
Client OverviewOur client is one of the masterminds behind this concept presenting traditional and modern menu selections popular in the Mediterranean region. This is an exciting “honest food” company built on quality, fresh ingredients.  The company has proven itself and is expanding in the Detroit area. They are also now in the process of developing the franchising aspect of the business, which is targeted for 2020.

Why people LOVE working for this company!

  • Growth Potential, expansion and franchising plans
  • Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day
  • Quality of life. Opening shift starts between 8:30 and 9:30, closing shift out by 11:00
  • Franchising begins in 2020 offering opportunities for travel and training
  • Fresh, quality ingredients

Position Overview & Responsibilities

Manager a restaurant you can be proud of - healthy ingredients made fresh daily on premises. In additional to being a part of this great concept you will receive:
  • Improved quality of life: never start before 8:30 or leave after 11:00
  • Great location: located in the center of Detroit's rebirth, near all major sports venues.
  • Excellent growth potential: adding new locations annually.
  • CLOSED MAJOR HOLIDAYS: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's
  • PTO: 14 days per year.


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • PTO- two weeks

Position Requirements

  • 3 years as a General Manager at a fast casual or quick serve restaurant
  • Ability to run a successful team.
  • Understand how to market to local businesses, university, and medical center.
  • Enjoy serving customers healthy foods.
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Rochester Hills

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • David Hotovy was amazing in every way possible. 

    First off, I would like to say Thank you for all the support and help landing a spot for me.  We kept in contact everyday whether we were talking about family or work.  Even after the prospected new job kept us hanging, after we thought we landed it, he was there to make sure my mind was still right.  I actually want to work with him and the company now lol.  He stayed focused on finding me a spot and telling me that I have everything companies need.  To his Boss as well, to going to bat for me. I feel I made a new friend.  I don't know if there is anymore that I can say, I would love to do more for the company so your whole team is recognized.  I deal with businesses and customers a lot and this was by far the best customer experience I've ever had!  I thought I was the best!! If there is anything I can do for David and your company let me know.
    Steven King
    David Hotovy was amazing in every way possible
  • Colleen Casey went above and beyond. 

    Colleen Casey of Patrice & Associates helped me obtain a Payroll position.  She helped build my confidence and mentored me through the interview process.  In my past career searches I have worked with other career agencies and never experienced the service I received working with Colleen.  She became my mentor with building up my confidence and how to go about interviewing for the company I have accepted my current position.  I would recommend the company, but would definitely tell anyone to contact Colleen if they are looking for a new position in the future.

    Thank you,

    Dorinda Sperry

    Colleen Casey went above and beyond
  • Corina Mack was wonderful to work with. 

    She was easy to speak with during the interview process and gave helpful tips. She was diligent with her follow-ups and very responsive to my calls/emails.  I would absolutely work with Corina again!
    Thank you!
    Corina Mack was wonderful to work with
  • Darryl is my Coach Angel. I'm very thankful to have been reached out to for this job.  At the same time I received the call I was just listening to something and then I received the call from Darryl and things were answered.  I'm even receiving more money than my last management job ( WOW ).  Thanks again, you all changed the game for me.           Sincerely, RASHEDA KEITH Darryl is my Coach Angel
  • Corina Mack was amazing!  

    She communicated well throughout the interview process and understood my goals and expectations of the job position.  She did a great job of connecting me to what the company was looking for in the VP of Operations position.  This gave me ability to be well prepared for my interviews.   Not only would I recommend Corina, but planning on using her in my new role to continue to staff accordingly.
    Thank you,
    Pete Hodges
    Corina Mack was amazing!