New Year, New Beginnings!

New Year, New Beginnings

In December Patrice & Associates made a huge announcement regarding the future of the company. Conscious Capital Growth (CCG) acquired a majority stake in the brand. So, what happens next!?  Today I want to tell you a little about the merge, our new partners, how Patrice & Associates will look, and what exciting things we have on the horizon!

Patrice and Associates is the Nation’s top Hospitality Staffing and Recruiting franchise. Patrice & Associates led the way for 30 years in the industry and is breaking ground in Executive Search. This recession resistant model is well known for working with restaurants, hotels, resorts, caters, bakeries, managerial, exec teams, service-based companies, hospitals, colleges, stadiums, universities, assisted living, grocery stores, and retailers to name a few.

Our Founder, Patrice Rice, will remain in an advisory role while looking forward to retiring and spending time on her farm and traveling. She is excited to stay in contact with the company she built and watching the next phase of its growth. Brian Miller, a pillar in the company since 2014, has moved into the CEO role. He will be providing the strategic vision and guidance to take the company to greater heights. The remainder of the Patrice & Associates executive team will remain in place and continue to give amazing support to the franchisees. The excitement about the company and merge with CCG is buzzing in the new year.

So, who is CCG? Conscious Capital Growth, CCG, is based in Scottsdale, AZ and is an acquisition and growth accelerator firm in the franchise industry. CCG consists of experienced leaders, industry advisors, instant infrastructure, and access to capital with decades long success in the wellness, beauty, pets, service, food & beverage, consumer, goods, and retail spaces.

Heather Elrod and Christo Demetriades , the managing partners at CCG, along with their advisory team are excited about the acquisition. They recognized that Patrice & Associates staffing, and recruiting is primed for success with CCG. With the track record of success and the growing work from anywhere trend Patrice & Associates will continue to expand and be on top in their space. The brands culture and equity are the perfect match for CCG and the future is bright.

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

  • Francisco Chevez is one in a million!

    I would like to formally thank Francisco Chevez for helping me get this great District Manager position. Francisco was very professional from the beginning. He was persistent in his search for the perfect opportunity. He presented me with multiple job opportunities, all great. He made me feel as if I was his only client and his top priority. Even after starting the new job, he called back to check on me. Francisco is great at what he does and I’m glad I was paired with him.      


    Enzo Mera

    Francisco Chevez is one in a million!
  • Matt Lopez nailed it!

    I am thankful for the service that Matt Lopez provided on behalf of Patrice and Associates in finding me and matching me to an excellent job with an energy company in northern Virginia. Matt Lopez discussed the position and the company and advised me on the hiring process. Matt has the intuition to assess me the job candidate, and the employer regarding my personality and the corporate culture to make the match. Matt found a Company that has all the attributes that I have struggled over the past few years to find. I intend to do an excellent job for the Company that I am joining in October 2022. I plan to achieve my immediate objectives, the company’s goals and show that Patrice and Associated backed the right person for the job.                    


    Robert Chew

    Matt Lopez nailed it!
  • I can't thank Karl Busch enough!

    I recently relocated to South Carolina from New York.  At first I tried the usual big company name job search engines, I even reached out to a couple of recruiters but, Karl Busch at Patrice and Associates was the guy who got it done!  His guidance and advice along the way was invaluable.  I was able to secure an Executive Chef position at a high profile restaurant thanks to him.          

    Thank you!

    Steven D.

    I can't thank Karl Busch enough!
  • Shawn Hoye was great to work with.

    Super attentive with plenty insight into the local job market which gave me a leg up in making the perfect career move.              

    Many Thanks,

    Sean Giffing

    Shawn Hoye was great to work with!
  • Whitney Davis was incredible!

    I would just like to say what an asset Whitney Davis was in regards to me finding another job. I appreciate all the help and I would definitely recommend him to others.        

    Thank you!

    Larry A.

    Whitney Davis was incredible!