Pizza Hut Starts Delivering BEER with your pizza!

Pizza Hut expands beer delivery to seven states Consumers are more and more all about convenience and speed of service.  Restaurants that don't offer in-home delivery on their own or through GrubHub, UberEats and others are losing market share.  The Pizza industry is #1 for "dine at home" options and now Pizza Hut steps out to be the leader once again. More than a year after first testing beer delivery in Arizona, Pizza Hut said Monday it will expand the pilot program to 300 restaurants in seven states by mid-January. Restaurants in Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Ohio will…

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Top 10 Restaurant Trends in 2018

Each year it seems like the restaurant industry reinvents itself on some level.  It's been interesting to watch this year.   The Top 10 Restaurant Trends for 2018 Restaurants Designed for Delivery or "Ghost" restaurants.  Today's diners demand convenience and 80% order online from a restaurant's website.  They are outsourcing delivery with companies like UberEats and saving money on rent as they don't need large spaces for customer seating. Healthy Food Trends.  Many restaurants are embracing healthy food trends as consumers seek healthier lifestyles.   63% of Americans said they were actively trying to eat healthier while another 49% were consciously eating products with…

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Buffalo Wild Wings Promotes Jammin’ Jalepeno with a funny ad

Q3 Workforce Index reveals sustained recruiting, turnover challenges in restaurants

Ron Ruggless | Oct 22, 2018  Nations Restaurant News Recruiting remains a challenge for restaurants, and the third-quarter People Report Workforce Index registers how wide and deep the difficulty is. “We’ve seen sustained levels for the past two or three years that we hadn’t seen in a decade or more,” said Michael Harms, vice president of operations at Dallas-based TDn2K, which produces the People Report Workforce Index quarterly. “The percentage of companies reporting difficulty is high,” Harms said. “People are saying it’s almost impossible to staff a restaurant these days.” The national unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent in September, the lowest…

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Teens have been the focus for decades

Teens have been the focus for decades Operators have always worked to figure kids out Bret Thorn, Nation's Restaurant News If you think Baby Boomers are square, think again. The generation that came of age in the 1960s and ’70s were self-aware enough to work en masse to effect change, and they were arguably the first group of teenagers that were directly marketed to. In 1966, the students weren’t just protesting against the Vietnam War, but against the high cost of dorm food. At Cornell, officials waited out what turned out to be mostly a beverage strike, with students selling…

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What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job!

    I would like to say Alan did a great job and was awesome in making me aware and preparing me for the interviews. He answered all my questions and provided perfect advice as well thanks again for all your guidance in my search. -Markus Petty   Your Recruitment Coach:  How to Handle References Hospitality Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job!
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    Recruiters Are True Life Coaches!

    The best compliment that I can give Brian, is that throughout this whole process, I felt I had a true partner in crime. As I negotiated through what seemed a very long process, he was there every step of the way. I told him he had a beer coming after this was over and I look forward to fulfilling that promise. -Albert Patterson   Your Recruitment Coach:  5 Tips for Maximizing Recruiter Relationships Recruiters Are True Life Coaches!
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    Hospitality Recruitment Changed My Life!

    If it wasn’t for Greg Casper setting up my interview with the DM,  I wouldn’t have the job that I have now, which I love.  When you have a job that you love, your whole day goes by so nicely.  Without this job I wouldn’t have been able to buy my first home!!! I am forever grateful Greg set up the interview and he even kept calling after I got the job to see how things were going. - Lynn Morrison   Let Your Personal Career Coach help you FOR FREE Hospitality Recruitment Changed My Life!
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    Recruiters are true coaches!

    Nick was AWESOME!! He went above and beyond helping with everything! He stayed in contact through out the whole process. I will recommend him to my friends, NICK WAS AWESOME!!!!!! - Tonya Lanham   Your Recruitment Coach:  Professional Interview Dress Tips Recruiters are true coaches!
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    Mike Buterbaugh is a consummate professional and proved to be a valuable resource in my recent job search!  I am extremely happy with what Mike brought to the table, as he assisted me in my job hunt.  I would definitely call Mike (and Patrice & Associates) again if I found myself in the midst of career move, though I truly believe Mike Buterbaugh helped me find my forever dream job, with a great & growing company! Thanks, Mike and Patrice & Associates!  You did a wonderful job! -Dave Long   10 Reasons Why Hospitality Jobs are Great! Hospitality Recruiters Will Help You Find Your Dream Job!