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I grew up with a love of food and entertaining.  I started in the hospitality industry at a very young age working for a small Italian restaurant. A short time later, just turning 20 years old, I opened a bakery business with the hopes of opening an Italian restaurant of my own. That dream came true when I expanded the bakery and opened a 75-seat restaurant named The Pastalotta Café in Owensboro Kentucky.  We continued to grow the business with until we had about 300 seats.  Along the way I operated a restaurant bar and a night club business.  After a 15-year run in business I started working with TGI Friday’s as a Senior General Manager and then Hard Rock Café as a General Manager.  Having passionately worked as an independent operator and working in the corporate world for the past 20 years allows me to bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the hospitality industry to the table.  I know that it takes great people to operate a successful business.  I look forward to the opportunity to join candidates with companies for continued success and a lasting partnership.

What Clients Say About Patrice & Associates

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    I am grateful for Milton's help...

    I would like to give thanks to Milton Sallee, he definitely took the time make sure that I was ready for my interview. By just coaching me form start to end, and I believe the extra training he gave me was definitely the most helpful. He represents his client well.  I am grateful for everything that he has done and I can't wait till I start with with me new career. Thanks for your help, Anthony V. Branch II I am grateful for Milton's help...
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    Milton is a wonderful resource!

    Milton Sallee reached out to me back in August of this year and at first I didn't know what to think having never worked with a recruiter before.  Milton was kind, gracious and exceptionally knowledgeable.  He helped me navigate my way through my interviews, hiring, fears, moving and starting.  He has stood by me in the process and been a wonderful resource.  I would highly recommend Patrice and Associates to anyone! Sincerely, Liv Ashcraft Milton is a wonderful resource!