All recruitment firms are not created equal. In fact, few can boast a national network of recruiters to serve you anywhere and everywhere. Or an active database of over 500,000 qualified candidates. And ONLY Patrice & Associates has the right approach – professionals passionate about the win-win solution of matching superior candidates with great companies.

Here’s exactly how we have consistently delivered for clients for over two decades:

Talent and Attitude – In order to find good people for you, we first secure our own top talent. Experienced hospitality managers from top companies nationwide – our people know your business, they know recruiting, and every one shares our commitment to creating win-win situations for employers and candidates.

Systems and Support – Unlike most firms in this industry, where your relationship is only as good as the one recruiter you know, Patrice & Associates functions as a tight network. Every candidate ks124161recommendation is reviewed by several regional and corporate team members, so you constantly benefit from the full horsepower of our team.

Superior Candidates – At the end of the day, it comes down to sourcing superior people. We go above and beyond to screen active candidates and to find great passive candidates that aren’t on anyone’s radar. Between our size and reputation, the personal relationships across our network, and a commitment to constant telemarketing – we have the candidates others just don’t have.